Reviews of Coast Medical Service nurse staffing agency from our nurses!

“With Coast, I have the freedom to choose my schedule. Coast always has assignments at top hospitals ready for me when I want to work and they respect my days off. So I get to work when I want to work and I avoid the hospital politics typical of a full time staff position. I have worked with Coast for a long time and couldn’t imagine a better situation for my lifestyle.”

-Judith M., Coast RN since 1988


“Coast has always been there for me. When I need work, Coast helps me find it. Without Coast, I wouldn’t have been able to pay my mortgage.”

-Violet B., Coast RN since 1981


“Working with a company with a strong reputation is important to me. That’s why I chose Coast and they have kept me happy for the last 20 years.”

-Leslie P., Coast RN since 1990


“The team at Coast is kind and considerate. They look out for me on both a professional and personal level. They are encouraging in my pursuit of additional education and supportive if something happens in my personal life. I know that whatever comes up in my life, Coast will be there for me and that’s a really nice feeling to have.”

-Karen D., Coast RN since 2004


“Of all the agencies I’ve worked for (and there have been A LOT), Coast has been the most accommodating by far. ”

-James A., Coast RN since 2012

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