6 Reasons Why Per Diem Nursing Might Be the Perfect Career Path for You

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If you’re like a lot of nurses, the idea of having more control over your work schedule (from the shifts you work to the hospitals you’re working in) might be limited to submitting a request for time off or hoping that someone can cover for you at the last minute. In actuality, there is a legitimate alternative to that way of working—per diem nursing. As a per diem nurse, you can find the best temporary nursing jobs and create a work schedule that allows you to expand your professional network and achieve a work-life balance that you might not have thought possible.

Hospitals everywhere are in need of extra help, whether it be to cover for a staff member who is out or to assist with a surge in patients. Connecting these understaffed hospitals with top nursing professionals has been the focus of Coast Medical Service since 1979.

Here are just six reasons to consider per diem nursing:

1) Explore New Places

A fast-paced working environment may be the only common thing that all hospitals share. As a per diem nurse, you could find yourself working in a brand-new well-funded hospital annex one day and in a public health clinic dispensing flu vaccines the next. This career path (even if only temporary or part-time) offers professionals the opportunity to work in different hospitals every day of the week, and that freedom is why many nurses consider per diem to be among the best nursing jobs available.

Working in new locations not only allows you to be of use where there is the most need but also can provide:

The chance to work and experience something new every day is the reason for the name “per diem”—Latin for “by the day.” At Coast Medical Service, you work with a dedicated family that will match you up with the best opportunities based on your wants, needs, and skill set.

2) Enjoy Great Pay Every Week

When you find assignments using Coast Medical Service, the per diem nursing pay hits your bank account every week. At Coast, the work week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, so nurses can expect their compensation (which is dependent on the location, the unit, and the number of hours worked) to arrive just a short time after the assignment is complete.We run payroll on Thursday’s.. So for this week, the work week is Sun 2/10 – Sat 2/16. Payroll issued on Thurdsay 2/21 via check and direct deposit. If DD, funds hit account Friday’s.

The quick return on payments for per diem nursing has made it a viable, dependable source of income for nurses who work full time or those who might just be looking to get some extra spending money before a birthday, holiday, or vacation.

3) Enjoy Flexible Schedules

When seeking out the best nursing jobs, consider that per diem nursing affords you more freedom over your schedule. When you work with Coast, your schedule becomes your own, and you can pick up assignments that better fit your needs and lifestyle. With per diem, you can choose:

More of a morning person? You can choose shifts that fall more in line with when you feel the most alert and ready to work. Unexpected expense? Pick up additional shifts to cover those costs that you weren’t planning on. Need a few days off to attend a family event? Simply don’t sign up for any shifts during that time.

Of course, it’s important to note that the most flexible nurses do land the most jobs. That may mean occasionally working shifts you hadn’t planned on and stepping out of your comfort zone to try new hospitals and seize new opportunities. Still, per diem is one of the best kinds of nursing jobs because of the unparalleled day-to-day freedom.

4) See New Faces

Working with patients and connecting with them affords you the chance to not only heal the patient but also to grow personally as you meet and assist people from all walks of life. Per diem nurses move from hospital to hospital (sometimes working at multiple locations per week), so you meet a wider variety of new patients who have unique stories to tell and lessons to be learned.

5) Go Where Help Is Needed Most

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Outbreaks, disasters, and even just seasonal tourism are all external factors that can create a need for more nurses at a hospital—and per diem nurses are valuable resources that facilities in affected areas will call upon when their own staffs are having trouble covering the workload. Nurses who work per diem can respond to the call from locations that need additional help for things like:

No matter the cause, per diem nursing jobs are the best answer for hospitals that might be lacking qualified manpower. Hospitals are always requesting assistance from those with the time and talent to help.

6) Grow and Learn With Every Assignment

By taking assignments at various hospitals, a per diem nurse also has the benefit of expanding and growing as a professional. Different hospitals, coworkers, and even a different patient pool can benefit you in ways such as:

The opportunity for growth is only limited by your willingness to sign up for the assignments and challenges available to you as a per diem nurse. So, if you’re interested in having more freedom over your schedule, your pay, and your workplace, and you’d like the opportunity to grow and expand your skills and professional network, reach out to Coast Medical Service today.

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