How Per Diem Staffing Improves Hospital Care

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Hospitals throughout the United States use per diem staffing on a daily basis. For many hospitals, a per diem workforce is essential to ensuring efficient operation and better care. At Coast Medical Service, our experts can illustrate the benefits of per diem nurses to help your facility.

1.  No Staff Shortages

While there are staffing shortages that you can anticipate and plan for, there are other times when your regular patient census spikes without warning. Per diem staffing can also fill in the blanks when your regular staff leaves for a vacation, illness, or sabbatical. Nurses who work per diem are available to prevent burnout or overwork among your staff who pick up the slack.

As a company that supplies per diem nurses to facilities like yours, Coast Medical Service can help you find the perfect staff to meet your needs. We sort through a number of factors to determine the right fit for your facility including:

We work with you to tailor your staffing needs for the benefit of a specific department or your entire hospital.

2.  More Flexibility

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Per diem staffing means you get to choose the length of the contracts you offer. Whether you’re looking for a short-term fill-in or a long-term team member that may later join you permanently, it’s easy to tailor your requirements with professionals who work per diem. There are a number of unforeseen circumstances that may require you to hire more staff including:

Many per diem nurses choose this career path because they want to help those suffering from these exact circumstances. Trust Coast Medical Service to help you find the people who can fulfill your expectations and support your team in moments like these.

3.  Save Money

Staying on budget is critical for many facilities, and per diem staffing can help. You set the length of the contract and determine the pay you’re willing to offer, Coast Medical Service helps you find a qualified person who will take the position. You can also use a short-term position to help you assess an employee’s work ethic and team skills before potentially offering them a full-time position at a higher pay rate.

4.  Fill Positions Quickly

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Per diem nurses generally have extremely flexible schedules that allow them to start work whenever you need them. With per diem staffing, you can get positions filled very quickly in cases of unexpected absences. A healthcare staffing agency prescreens any applicants to ensure they have the experience needed to fill any position you may require.

Work with the Best

Why Coast Medical Service? We don’t hire just anyone and we never make promises we can’t keep. Both the facilities who work with us and the nurses on our employment radar love working with our team. Learn more about how we can help you staff your hospital today!

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