Help Stop the Spread of COVID

Work with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to fight the delta variant in the United States.

Be a part of the solution as a COVID-19 (and delta variant) swab tester.

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COVID-19 and Delta Variant Testing Pay Rate

Protect yourself and others as delta variant cases rise in the United States. Help fill the gaps in hard-hit areas and take advantage of increased pay and travel opportunities.

COVID Testing (Swabbing) Responsibilities

  • Register patients
  • Verify insurance
  • Collect and process specimen
  • Notify patient of the results
  • Educate patients on the next steps (depending on their test results)
  • Maintain infection control and lab processing requirements
  • Wear full personal protective equipment (PPE)
Covid Swab Testing Woman
Covid Swab Testing Man

Looking for COVID Testing Nurses?

Staff shortages are sweeping the nation as nurses are trading in their high-pressure jobs for less stressful opportunities or early retirement. Coast Medical Service matches top-notch hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the country with exceptional per diem and travel nurses to meet current demands.

With over four decades of experience, Coast will help you find qualified professionals who are experienced, certified, and reliable. Fill in the form above to protect your reputation and improve the quality of your care with the right team of talented individuals.

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