Crisis Rates for Travel Nurses

We are in a pandemic. Patients need you!

Crisis rates for nurses who will travel are on an unbelievable upswing because of COVID-19. In many areas, the rate for travel nurses has nearly doubled, making it possible to earn as much as $8,500 per week. Some locations offer an even higher rate of COVID-19 pay.

Be A Healthcare Hero: Nurses are desperately needed as a response to the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus. If you're open to the opportunity and don't mind the idea of relocating to a new city or state, then becoming a crisis travel nurse is the perfect fit for you. Coast Medical Service offers an in-depth look at the benefits of working as a travel or per diem nurse.

High Rates of Crisis Pay: The surging crisis rate is an undeniable incentive to working as a traveling nurse or taking a per diem position. High crisis pay is directly proportionate to the need for skilled nurses around the United States. Because hospitals are overwhelmed, understaffed, and struggling to deal with an influx of sick patients, they're willing to pay to bring in qualified LPNs and RNs from different areas.

New Learning Opportunities: A crisis travel nurse has the chance to learn and sharpen his or her skills, as well. On the front lines of the COVID-19 response, the ICU and telemetry units are in want of help. A position in either unit will give you the opportunity to care for critically ill patients who require specialized care. All across the country, emergency rooms and other units are understaffed, as well. You can get to know a department where you already have expertise or volunteer to work in a new unit.

The Chance to Travel: In addition to COVID-19 pay, a travel nurse has an opportunity to expand his or her experience and geographical area. Living and working in a new place can be an enlightening experience even in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. You can choose where you want to work or travel to a place where your skills will be the most beneficial.

Earning crisis rates for your work is an enormous advantage, but there are a variety of other advantages associated with travel nursing. Think about offering your expertise to an in-demand, under-served community at a pivotal moment in history. Get in touch with Coast to learn more about job openings and other opportunities for nurses.

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