Georgia Travel Nurse Opportunities

Why Embrace Georgia Travel Nursing Opportunities?

Thinking about expanding your travel nursing resume to include the Peach State? You won’t be short on travel nursing opportunities. Georgia features more than 200 hospitals, with over half being private and government hospitals. That means that tens of thousands of nurses are needed across the state. Travel nurses can find promising opportunities in the state’s biggest facilities in Atlanta as well as in its smaller hospitals sprawled across budding rural areas. And whether you are a medical-surgical nurse or a specialty nurse, Georgia needs you to lift a helping hand wherever the needs are the greatest.

Is Georgia on your bucket list—if for no other reason than to finally try its iconic peaches? We at Coast Medical Service can help you scratch the state off your travel list while simultaneously providing patients with top-tier medical care when they need it the most. Partner with us to begin your foray into Georgia travel nursing opportunities at the state’s numerous world-class hospitals.

What Unique Amenities Georgia Has to Offer

Georgia is known for more than its fuzzy peaches and the 1960 Ray Charles song that will easily keep Georgia “on your mind.” The state also stands out for its clean air, excellent Southern food, and laid-back environment and culture. Compared to the large cities located in other parts of the United States, Georgia’s bigger cities are not overpriced and overrated thanks to their low costs of living. This explains why the state welcomes 100,000 new residents every year.

Whether you like to pass the time experiencing historic Georgia towns or walking in parks, you’ll never get bored. The state also boasts one-of-a-kind attractions, like the World of Coca-Cola (Georgia is Coca-Cola’s birthplace), the Georgia Aquarium, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. You’ll also want to make time to visit Stone Mountain Park, the state’s most frequently visited attraction due to its unique combination of theme park thrill rides, local history, and natural beauty.

When you decide to take on a Georgia travel nursing role with Coast Medical Service, you will have the chance to see many enviable sights while also helping people across this gorgeous and vibrant state where you’re sure to quickly feel right at home.

What Are Georgia Travel Nursing Assignments Like?

Georgia travel nursing jobs at Coast Medical Service differ depending on the specialty area and the medical facility setting. However, Georgia travel nurse jobs are plentiful in specialties such as pediatrics, psychiatry, operating room, and the intensive care unit. The state also offers numerous travel jobs for allied health workers and licensed vocational nurses.

Take a peek at our current open Georgia travel nursing jobs and other travel roles to find out more about these temporary job opportunities.

How Long Do Georgia Travel Nursing Assignments Last?

Georgia travel nurse jobs often last for about 13 weeks. Still, some Georgia travel nursing assignments may be just 6-8 weeks long, whereas others may stretch out for six months.

By partnering with Coast Medical Service, you place yourself in the driver’s seat of your travel nursing schedule. That’s because we’ll work with you to create a schedule and pay package that meets your specific needs. For instance, let’s say that you have certain days you prefer not to work, a certain salary you’re looking for, or a certain part of Georgia that you’d like to work in. As a top agency for travel nurses, we’ll match you to roles that are tailor-made for you.

Why Choose Coast Medical Service?

At Coast Medical Service, we offer a wide variety of perks for travel nurses, which is why nurses choose us every time.

  • Choose from a broad range of Georgia temporary nursing assignments.
  • Enjoy guaranteed nursing shifts at your chosen hospital.
  • Explore lucrative nursing opportunities available in crisis situations.
  • Have securities such as free lodging put into your nursing contract.
  • Earn the experience, benefits, and compensation you desire.
  • Work in locations that are in high demand.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our travel nursing opportunities in Georgia, and begin your adventure in the Peach State today!

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