RN: Cardiology

Profession: RN

Job Type: Travel

Shift Per Week: 4

, Kentucky

Specialty: Cardiology

Start Date: 2024-05-27

Day Shift - 12 Hours - 48 Shift

Date Posted: 05/07/24

Salary: $2,762 per week

End Date: 2024-07-20

Hours: 48hrs

Job ID: 26523051

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“1. Assesses and Reassesses young adult, adult, and elderly patients and applies the nursing process to:

2. Demonstrates basic competency in specialized procedures/equipment i.e.
-Cardiac Monitoring
-Care of patients Pre/Post CABG
-Care of patients Pre/Post Interventional Cardiac Procedures
-Maintain/Pull sheaths
-Specialized medications/drips/Titration
-ACT Machine
-Pain Management
-Chest Tube care/insertion
-Central Lines
– IV therapy
-Infusion Therapy
-Information Management

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