Med Surg Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas

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Outstanding Opportunities for Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas

Texas is the second largest of all the United States and has a population of over 29 million people. From densely packed urban areas to the rolling countryside to ocean-front beaches, the 'Lone Star State' is always in need of great medical professionals. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are excellent opportunities for qualified nurses and allied health professionals willing to accept travel nurse assignments. If you're looking for a chance to do great things and earn what your skills and training are worth, Coast Medical Service is the travel nurse agency for you. Every travel nurse who works with us is guaranteed to be the very best at what they do, and we make sure they earn the compensation they're entitled to every time.

Coast Medical Service: A Family You Can Count On

Coast Medical Service has been raising the bar for nurse staffing agencies on the west coast and nationwide since the 1970s. We combine skilled workers with flexible scheduling and great pay to create a working environment that can't be topped. When hospitals have travel nursing jobs in Texas, they need to fill, they know travel nurses from Coast are prepared to offer quality care to patients and families in need.

What Are Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas Like?

Each travel nurse assignment is somewhat different depending on the setting, location, and area of specialty. There are open travel nursing jobs in Texas for nursing professionals with experience in operating rooms, emergency rooms, including CNAs, LVNs, surgical technicians, and allied health professionals.

Regardless of the position, general travel nurse responsibilities generally include:

  • Talking with patients about their health histories and symptoms
  • Recording health data and measurements
  • Sharing information for safeguarding and improving health
  • Explaining treatment plans and prescribing medication to patients
  • Providing quality care by collaborating with other treatment team professionals

View Coast's current openings to learn more.

How Long Are Contract Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas?

Typical travel nurse assignments are 13 weeks. However, assignments can range from 8 weeks to 6 months – or longer. Depending on the contract, some healthcare providers also offer upgrades and bonuses for staying longer.

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Want to Explore Texas as a Travel Nurse? Coast Medical Service Can Help!

  • Choose which of the many travel nursing jobs in Texas best meet your needs.
  • Enjoy the stability of guaranteed shifts at the same hospital.
  • Prepare for a new adventure every few months.
  • Take advantage of high-demand travel nursing jobs in select Texas locations and lower your cost of living through paid-for-lodging.
  • Explore all that Texas has to offer!
  • You'll have the option to register for per diem nursing assignments on your off days or between contracts.
  • Take pride in receiving industry high compensation and weekly paychecks.
  • Advance your healthcare career by working with Coast, one of the highly respected travel nurse agencies in the United States.

Choose Your Travel Nurse Assignments

Need a contract with no shifts on Saturdays or Sundays? Have a desired salary target? Or is there a specific place in Texas you'd like to work in for a few months? The Coast healthcare network is extensive and features top hospitals around the state. We can help place you in a Texas travel nursing job that meets your needs.

Travel Nursing: New Places to Explore Every Few Months

There's no restriction on where you can go as a travel nurse! Discover the whole country, from cities in Texas to the desert of Arizona or the old gold mining towns of California. You'll make new friends, gain valuable professional experience, and earn an excellent salary while satisfying your desire to travel.

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Texas Travel Nursing Jobs Can Lower Your Cost Of Living

When you accept a travel nurse assignment in a location with significant staffing needs, we can negotiate an excellent overall pay package, including benefits such as paid-for lodging. This added contract feature further lowers your cost of living.

Even if working in a high-demand location isn't your goal, collaborating with a professional travel nurse agency always helps you secure a solid contract. At Coast, we work for you and negotiate to ensure the best compensation and benefits package.

Per Diem Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas Are Also Available

Sometimes, there will be a few weeks between your travel nurse assignments. But downtime doesn't mean you won't have the opportunity to earn money. When you work with Coast, it's easy to pick up a few per diem shifts on a short-term basis.

Industry High Compensation for Travel Nursing Jobs in Texas

Coast offers the best travel nurse compensation rates anywhere in the industry. So whether you're ready to work in ultra-lucrative crisis situations or at a hospital in a new town you want to explore, as one of the best travel nursing agencies, we can get you the payment you deserve for your work. At Coast, we always issue weekly paychecks, and we always pay on time. Your weekly compensation comes through us, and we make sure it's delivered like clockwork.

Further Your Career with Travel Nursing Assignments

When you contract with Coast for travel nursing jobs in Texas, you'll be able to work at some of the top hospitals around the state. Coast's reputation for excellence helps open doors and provide professional opportunities not found at other travel nurse agencies.

The Coast name is well respected by healthcare employers, and our nursing and allied health recruiters can also provide advice on developing your resume and long-term career path. Additionally, we can help you explore different healthcare specialties such as psychiatric, pediatric, or intensive care unit (ICU) travel nursing assignments that will make you valuable to future hiring managers.

Working with Coast Medical Service for travel nursing jobs in Texas can help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Visit our current openings and then read our testimonials to see why we're the country's most respected travel nurse staffing agency. When we work together, you'll be amazed by where your skills and talents can take you! Contact us today.


"When I first moved to LA, I was unsure if I would be able to find steady work. A friend recommended Coast and I'm happy they did. The onboarding process was professional and efficient. Coast helped me find steady work within a week of my move at top hospitals. I know they have my best interest in mind and go the extra mile for me. Coast welcomed me to the family and made the move to CA worth it. "

-David E. Coast RN since 2017

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