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Are you interested in traveling through New York for nursing jobs? At Coast Medical Service, we aim to create a high-quality national community of nurses that spreads across the United States. Help serve around the great state of New York with a travel nursing assignment from Coast.

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Why Be a Travel Nurse in New York?

As of 2021, New York is the fourth most populous state in the United States, with about 20 million inhabitants. This means there are a surplus of opportunities for motivated travel nurses to help lots of people in New York. 

There are over 200 hospitals spread across the state of New York, and many hospitals experience understaffing or have times where they need extra help. With New York travel nurse jobs through our services at Coast, you can travel throughout this beautiful state all while providing help to those people who need you the most.

Experience The Beauties of New York

New York is much more than the Big Apple, although that is an important place for healthcare and travel. In general, New York is a state of variety, with everything from rolling green hills to the tallest skyscrapers, the most rural peace to the busiest urban environment imaginable. You can experience it all with our New York travel nurse jobs.

The state motto, “Excelsior,” is Latin for “ever upward,” with a recently adopted secondary addition that reads “e pluribus unum,” Latin for “out of many, one.” These ideals demonstrate New York as a state continuously seeking excellence and a bright future. Think you’d fit right in? Try traveling New York as a nurse with us. You’ll get to see the state while making money doing what you love most: helping people.

What Can I Expect from Working with Coast?

Although we may be located in California, Coast offers opportunities to travel throughout the United States, with flexible scheduling and great wages. New York travel nurse jobs with Coast are different from other types of nursing jobs because we offer so many options that let you completely customize your work experience. You’ll be able to:

Please understand that while every assignment varies in length, pay, and other details depending on your specialization, the setting, and the specific needs of the hospital or clinic, every one of our opportunities can be great for your career. We’ll help you to find the right fit from our selection of New York travel nurse jobs, so don’t hesitate to reach out for personalized assistance. You can also look through our current job listings to find more information and specific details.

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Travel with Coast

We hold to a standard of excellence for our recruitment services and our standard of care for our nurses, so you can enjoy all the benefits of nurturing your nursing career with Coast. Finding New York travel nurse jobs with Coast provides the perfect blend of flexibility, opportunity, and adventure, not to mention the option to sign up for per diem opportunities as desired. 

Ready to get started? Find what you’re looking for in our list of current openings, and don’t forget to select the great state of New York for that perfect opportunity.

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