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Become an Oregon Travel Nurse with Coast

Ready for travel nursing in Oregon? The Beaver State is a great place with beautiful sights and wonderful opportunities to make a difference as a travel nurse. From Portland to Eugene, and everywhere, in between, we have plenty of options throughout the beautiful state of Oregon for you to experience life as a nurse making a difference. Working with Coast Medical Service will help you find the best assignment for Oregon travel nursing.

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Experience A Variety of Options in Oregon

If you want to gain experience, skills, and confidence working in healthcare in an assignment you enjoy and choose yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Team members through Coast Medical Service choose positions and areas where they want to work. You not only can choose which Oregon hospital you go to as a travel nurse but also what you do there. 

We offer a variety of options for nursing positions in Oregon across the hospital departments. You can specialize in areas like ER, ICU, med surg, and physical therapy, or choose a general option, in plenty of cities across this state.

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What Can I Expect from Oregon Travel Nursing through Coast?

While each of the jobs accepted through Coast Medical Service is unique, we guarantee a level of quality and satisfaction for our nurses. Certain opportunities might be specific to those with specialties, like a spot in a Portland emergency room or a position in the Eugene COVID crisis unit or a job at a Salem operating room

However, you don’t have to be a registered nurse to accept a position as a travel nurse in Oregon through Coast Medical Service. For example, we have contract openings for CNAs and LVNs. These allied health professions are only the beginning, so make sure to browse our current openings for all the options available in Oregon right now. No matter where you’re headed or what your speciality is, Coast Medical Service can help you find the right nursing position to suit you.

How Long Are Coast's Travel Nursing Contracts?

Our contracts for Oregon travel nursing jobs are 13 weeks, typically. However, depending on the need and location, contracts can be as short as eight weeks or stretch longer than six months. You get to specify the kind of contract you are interested in, though. 

At Coast, our contracts are completely customized. Our professional nursing recruiters build your needs, both personally and professionally, into your experience. This means that your overall pay package, days off, preferred areas, and salary requirements are all set prior to you accepting any positions. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself as a travel nurse in Oregon trusting in the quality of our support before, during, and after your contract.

Enjoy the Best Options and Opportunities Available

Our quality here at Coast ensures a comprehensive list of opportunities in Oregon with all the options so you find the best fit. When you work with us, you’ll have access to: 

  • A wide range of opportunities for travel nursing jobs across the entire state of Oregon.
  • Guaranteed shifts at your choice of workplace, from the biggest hospital to the smallest clinic or private practice.
  • Rewarding work in high-demand locations.
  • Our many per diem nursing options when you’re between contracts.
  • The highest pay available at your experience.
  • Developing skills with resources you can trust.
  • Professional recruiters who have your back.
  • All the best that Oregon has to offer!
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Further Your Skills With Oregon Travel Nursing

As a travel nurse in Oregon, you can benefit from the reputation for excellence maintained by Coast Medical Service, finding the best opportunities to further your skills in the healthcare industry while you actively make a difference in a new place. You can explore specialties with assignments in psychiatric, pediatric, or intensive care unit (ICU) that are matched with you by our professional recruiters. Help keep Oregon healthy with meaningful work that makes all the difference.

Start Oregon Travel Nursing With Us

You’ll never have to feel stuck or stale with the options for travel nursing in Oregon through Coast Medical Service. Now’s the time to start Oregon travel nursing with us, so be sure to visit our current openings. You can also read our testimonials to see how our services have benefited other hard workers like you. We’re ready to help you, so you can apply online today to take the first step to advance your career with us.

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