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In the age of Covid-19, the USA can't have enough qualified nurses, and if that describes you, then you need to be looking into the opportunities that Coast Medical Services can provide. We link fantastic nurses with the hospitals and institutions that need them throughout the Southwest and West Coast of America, and we'd love to help you be among them. A caring and qualified telemetry RN can't do better than to land a position with Coast Medical. 

A History of Excellence

Coast Medical has been providing a bevy of hospitals with all their staffing needs since 1979, and throughout the entirety of our 40 years in the industry, we've never lost sight of our values. We're dedicated to getting the best healthcare professionals to the right places for them, and making sure they get the compensation and recognition they deserve as well. If you’re a telemetry RN looking for the right staffing agency, you can rest assured that Coast Medical cares about your job and your long-term success. 

To experience the best telemetry, and travel nurse jobs in Texas and take the next step in your career, get in touch with us now. Find out what sets Coast Medical Services apart from the rest today.

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"When I first moved to LA, I was unsure if I would be able to find steady work. A friend recommended Coast and I'm happy they did. The onboarding process was professional and efficient. Coast helped me find steady work within a week of my move at top hospitals. I know they have my best interest in mind and go the extra mile for me. Coast welcomed me to the family and made the move to CA worth it. "

-David E. Coast RN since 2017

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