Allied Health Careers: Many Options to Choose From

What Careers are Considered Allied Health Services?

Professionals working in Allied Health Services are often responsible for:

  • Identifying, evaluating, and preventing various diseases or disorders
  • Offering nutrition or dietary services
  • Delivering rehabilitative services.

Nearly 60% of the workforce in the healthcare sector are in allied health services careers, and the job titles range from dental hygienists to dietitians, from occupational and physical therapists to physician assistants, and from respiratory therapists to speech-language pathologists. For each of these allied health careers, education requirements vary. Some require only an associate's degree, while others need several years of post-graduate study for licensure.

Five Fast-Growing Allied Health Careers

Professions in allied health services help improve patients' lives, and they are also some of the fastest-growing careers in the employment market. While the options are numerous, here are five of the top allied health jobs that are experiencing significant growth.

1. Speech-Language Pathologists

Also known as speech therapists, they assess and diagnose codnitions, and develop treatment plans for patients of all ages experiencing difficulty with verbal communication or swallowing.

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2. Occupational Therapist (OT)

Day-to-day life can be seriously tough for some patients. The OT's primary role is to ease that burden, helping injured, elderly, or disabled patients improve their movements or activities needed for essential daily functioning.

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3. Physical Therapist (PT)

This health specialist valuates and treats human body disorders. PTs help patients that have an illness or injury that limits their physical functional ability, to get patients back to full movement and function again.

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4. Respiratory Therapist

Also referred to as respiratory care practitioners, this allied health job is responsible for performing respiratory therapy and conducting diagnostic tests. Everyone can breath a bit easier when their important work is finished.

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5. Interventional Technologist (IV Tech)

Also called a radiologic technologist, this allied health career plays a vital role in the diagnostic process as they use specialized internal imaging for physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions, seeing beyond what’s obvious.

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What are the Advantages of Allied Health Jobs?

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