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Explore new hospitals and discover your sense of adventure with travel nursing contracts in major cities across the United States! There are few things more rewarding than seeing the country and helping others to live their best lives, and travel nursing assignments combine both these fulfilling vocations into one fantastic package. Travel nurses work in a specific location for a specific, limited amount of time (typically 13 weeks) and are guaranteed a set schedule for the course of the contract. Essentially, you become a part of the hospital’s staff. Then, once your contract is complete, you're free to move around to different facilities dependent on needs.

So what are some more advantages of travel nursing jobs?

  • Choose which travel nursing contracts meet your wants and needs and exactly where you go
  • Relish in the stability of a guaranteed number of shifts during a fixed period of time at the same hospital
  • Suit up for a new adventure every few months
  • Take advantage of travel nursing assignments in high demand locations and lower your cost of living
  • Explore new cities and find the ideal place to settle down
  • Pick up per diem nursing assignments on your off days at other hospitals
  • Enjoy industry high compensation issued weekly
  • Further your career by working with one of the best nursing agencies in the United States

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Are there any disadvantages to travel nursing jobs?

Travel nursing contracts do not offer nearly the same flexibility as per diem nursing. You will experience more guaranteed stability as a travel nurse, but with that comes a more set schedule and an increased likelihood that you will work some weekends and holidays, even if you want those days off.
However, we can typically request specific days off prior to the start of your travel nursing assignments, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Travel nursing is best for nurses who want an adventure every few months, not every day. Does this sound like you? Inquire today about our travel nursing jobs in Los Angeles. Call us at 323-879-8880, email us at, or send us a message online.


'Of all the agencies I've worked for (and there have been a lot), Coast has been by far the best to work with. They offer diverse choices of assignments, hospitals, and pay top rates. The Coast team is considerate and there to assist with whatever I need at all hours of the day.'

-Denise W. Coast RN since 2013

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