Best Travel Nurse Assignments

So you want to be a travel nurse. Here’s what to know.

There are exactly zero jobs where you can see the country, while making a serious difference in people’s lives at their most trying and vulnerable time — except for one. Travel nursing can awaken your sense of adventure, and keeps things fresh in a way that no other 9-5 job ever could. Explore new hospitals and cutting-edge facilities, and discover your sense of adventure with contracts in major cities, suburbs, and rural areas across the United States from one of the best travel nursing agencies, Coast Medical Service.


What does a travel nurse do, anyway?

Travel nurses work in a specific location for a particular, limited amount of time, typically four to thirteen weeks at a time, sometimes longer. They are guaranteed a set schedule for the course of the contract, essentially, becoming one of that staff’s team members. Then, once your contract is complete, you're free to head to another location and job placement. Love your new gig? You can request an extension to stay longer.


Why should I work with a professional travel nurse agency?

Travel nurses never get bored, and relish in their short term assignments where they can succeed, then head to the next location to experience something new and fresh. Here’s why else they love their jobs:

  • You have say over which assignments fit your needs best (rather than a boss assigning you a role)
  • You’ll have the stability of a guaranteed number of shifts during a fixed period of time at the same hospital
  • A few weeks or months later, you can suit up for a new adventure, or stay the course if you are vibing with your team and role
  • Take advantage of travel nurse opportunities in high-demand locations and lower your cost of living and increase your take-home pay
  • Get a tour of the country few others have, while minimizing tax liabilities through per diem reimbursements for lodging and meals
  • Enjoy weekly pay at the highest industry rates so you can check out all those new locations have to offer
  • Further your career by learning what you like (and don’t) at each placement to tailor future jobs to your preferences

What are other advantages of working with a professional travel nurse agency?

  • Choose which travel nurse assignments meet your wants and needs
  • Relish in the stability of a guaranteed number of shifts during a fixed period of time at the same hospital
  • Suit up for a new adventure every few months
  • Take advantage of travel nurse opportunities in high demand locations and lower your cost of living
  • Explore new cities and find the ideal place to settle down
  • Pick up per diem nursing assignments on your off days at other hospitals
  • Enjoy industry high compensation issued weekly
  • Further your career by working with one of the best travel nursing agencies in the United States

Are there any disadvantages to travel nursing jobs I should consider?

We get it — you might be on the fence about if travel nursing is a fit for you. So, here are some potential challenges we’ve seen other nurses encounter. After all, full transparency and the best personal decision for you is our most important commitment.
  • You need the same flexibility as per diem nursing. (But remember, you’ll have much more stability. Trade offs, right?). Also, you will have time to build some meaningful relationships with travel nursing in a way you couldn’t in a per diem assignment, so you won’t have that new daily learning curve at each location.
  • You might be assigned more evenings or weekends than permanent staff — but hey, that means more time to nap, explore, and hit your new town’s favorite brunch location. Don’t stress — you can request specific days off ahead of time, too.
  • Licensing can be a challenge, but with the nursing compact license, nurses have licensure opportunities in 39+ jurisdictions, making this less of a hurdle
Our thousands of satisfied nurses over the last 44+ years have shown us that the pros majorly outweigh the cons — but we are here to answer any questions to help you determine if travel nursing is perfect for you.

Travel nurse assignments are best for nurses who want an adventure every few months, not every day. Does this sound like you? Get in touch today about our travel nurse opportunities across the US. Call or text us at 323-639-5436, email us at, or send us a message online.


'Of all the agencies I've worked for (and there have been a lot), Coast has been by far the best to work with. They offer diverse choices of assignments, hospitals and pay top rates. The Coast team is considerate and there to assist with whatever I need at all hours of the day.'

-Denise W. Coast RN since 2013

Choose Your Travel Nurse Assignments

Do you know that you need a contract with no shifts on Sundays? Do you know your desired salary? Or is there a specific city you'd like to visit? As one of the best travel nursing agencies, we can help you find a job that fits all of your specific needs!

Work with Coast Medical Service, and you'll find no shortage of travel nurse assignments with top hospitals around the country. Whenever or wherever you'd like to work, we'll be able to find a contract that works for you.

Guaranteed Number Of Shifts

Flexible jobs are great for organizing work around your life instead of the other way around. But sometimes shifts get pulled at the last minute, which can mean earning less money for the week.

This situation won't happen when you work with a highly-respected professional travel nurse agency. We secure contracts for you that come with a minimum number of hours. So you can rest easy knowing that you'll make at least as much as you expect, if not more, over fixed periods of time.

Travel Nursing: A New Adventure Every Few Months

Discover the whole country, from cities in Texas to the desert of Arizona or the old gold mining towns of California. Every time you complete a travel nurse assignment, you get to explore somewhere new.

Coast has you covered wherever you'd like to go, from the most rural small town to the biggest cities. As one of the best travel nursing agencies, we have relationships all over the country and can help you with whatever you'd like to experience next.

Travel Nurse Opportunities that Lower Your Cost Of Living

When you accept a travel nurse assignment in an area with significant need, we can negotiate a great overall pay package for you, including benefits like paid-for lodging. So not only can you earn an excellent pay rate, but we can get you perks that lower your overall cost of living as well.

Even when you're not going to high-demand areas, working with a professional travel nurse agency will still get you a solid contract and help walk you through what all of it entails. At Coast, we never leave money on the table when working for you.

Nurse Checking Patient

Travel Nurse Assignments Help You Find Your Ideal Location

Most people who work in travel nursing eventually choose to settle down with a permanent job. There's no better way to know for sure that you have the job you want in the place you want than by exploring different travel nurse assignments. After experiencing all kinds of cities, towns, hospitals, and specialties, you'll be able to choose a permanent position with confidence that you'll be happy in.

There are travel nurse opportunities everywhere in the United States, and a professional travel nurse agency can get you in on any of them. You pick where you want to go, and we'll make it happen.

Per Diem Short Term Travel Nurse Assignments Are Also Available

Sometimes, you may have a few weeks off in between travel nurse assignments. But that doesn't mean your options have to be limited. It's easy to pick up a few per diem shifts with Coast Medical Service, so you're able to earn money consistently.

The best travel nursing agencies have at least a little bit of both to ensure clients are covered, and Coast is no exception. You have options for any way you'd like to make money as a nurse.

Industry High Compensation for Travel Nursing

You won't find better compensation rates anywhere in the industry than you will with Coast. So whether you're looking to work in ultra-lucrative crisis situations or at a hospital in a new town, as one of the best travel nursing agencies, we can get you the payment you deserve for your work.

As a professional travel nurse agency, we pay weekly and on time so you don’t have to worry about shifting payment schedules between jobs. Your check comes through us, and we get it to you like clockwork.

Further Your Career with Travel Nursing Assignments

Not only will you be working in some of the top hospitals around the country, but you'll also be working with one of the best travel nursing agencies. Coast has a reputation for excellence, and it shows in our employees and the doors that open for you with us.

Our name is well respected by employers, and our recruiters can help you show it off best with advice on your resume and overall career path. Plus, when you work with us, you can try out all kinds of different specialties on travel nursing assignments, making you even more valuable to future hiring managers.

If you're looking to start working with a professional travel nurse agency, you've found it at Coast Medical Service. Contact us today to begin working with one of our recruiters, advancing your career, and finding yourself on the adventure of a lifetime!

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