MRI Tech

MRI Tech

Sometimes an MRI is the only way for a medical team to know just how to help a patient best — and that’s your moment to shine. MRI Techs are knowledgeable and skilled in obtaining the highest quality scan, the first time, to communicate results quickly and efficiently to doctors. This helps patients access the best diagnosis and treatment plan, and prevents them from having to redo any testing.

Travel healthcare positions are in abundance for this role, as patients need MRI scans for such a wide variety of conditions, in multiple settings from emergency rooms to outpatient facilities. You can be choosy about the type of position you want, where you want to live, how long your placement will be, and other specifications to take control of your career as an MRI tech, making more money and enjoying top-of-the-line benefits. Here’s what you need to know to become a successful travel MRI tech.

MRI Tech Job responsibilities

  • Thoroughly read and understand physician directions for administering proper MRI scans to their specifications
  • Communicate with and take background medical information from patients, to ensure safety and accuracy in testing
  • Work with patients to help them with comfort, positioning, and understanding before, during and after the testing procedure
  • Efficient and accurate transfer of testing results back to physicians for diagnosis
  • Maintain and understand MRI machines, communicating issues and troubleshooting as necessary
  • Evaluate MRI scans for clarity and accuracy

Professional Qualifications and Attributes for MRI techs

  • Graduating with an associates degree or higher from an accredited training institution, and passing a certification exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (additional state licensure requirements might also apply)
  • Familiarity with common and not so common conditions, diagnosis, organs, tissues, and concerns
  • Understand MRI machines, and necessary accompanying procedures and practices to optimize test results
  • Strong attention to patient care
  • Knowledge of aseptic techniques, and ability to administer contrast agent and injections
  • Ability to perform CPR and other life saving procedures
  • High level of understanding with radiation guidelines and safety precautions
  • Associate’s degree and necessary certification, and one year of experience in the field

Benefits of MRI Tech Travel Positions

  • Work in an exciting and widely needed area of healthcare
  • Have control of your work schedule, location, and pay specifications
  • Explore new career opportunities in a variety of settings
  • Leave the logistics and organizational details to a professional agency

MRI Tech Job Opportunities with Coast Medical Service

You are ready to head out and see the country — and make some serious money along the way. MRI techs are uniquely positioned to make both of these happen at once, and we are prepared to set you up and support you at each step.

At Coast Medical Service, we provide top-quality allied healthcare and travel nursing job opportunities. We take time to get to know your needs and career goals specifically, to match you with the most optimal opportunities for you.

Please take a moment to review our job listings across the United States. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how your skills and experience can bring you exciting new opportunities!


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