Med Lab Tech

Med Lab Tech

You are a scientist. An analyst. And someone who can spot an issue with an eagle’s eye, reporting problems to physicians through your significantly important work in a medical lab. Med Lab Techs are in high demand, and the field is only expected to grow in the next decade, because their attention to detail can literally make or break a patient’s successful treatment or recovery, starting with you.

Coast Medical Service has seen Med Lab Techs experience great success with travel healthcare positions, getting out of their traditional lab and seeing the country, exploring different lab’s processes in other healthcare facilities, and expanding exponentially personally and professionally along the way. Your science-focused brain will love checking out new lab equipment and methods in new places, and a wide range of facility types are in need of your expertise. Here’s what to expect as you venture beyond traditional placements into travel healthcare positions as a Med Lab Tech.

Med Lab Tech Job responsibilities

  • Analyzing bodily fluids, such as blood or urine, using advanced medical and scientific equipment
  • Working with solutions and other fluids that might be combined with patient specimens to determine issues and conditions
  • Communicating findings to providers in a clear, accurate, and efficient manner 
  • Collecting tissue or fluid samples from patients, in some cases
  • Equipment upkeep, maintenance, and recommendations

Professional Qualifications and Attributes for Med Lab Techs

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) or American Medical Technologists (AMT) certification
  • Careful attention to detail
  • Associate’s degree and clinical externships, and certification through the American Medical Technologists Association
  • High comfort level with bodily fluid, and obtaining tissue and fluid samples from patients
  • Excellent communication skills, to work thoroughly with families, patients, and providers
  • Organized and efficien

Benefits of Med Lab Tech Travel Positions

  • Work in an exciting area of healthcare
  • Have control of your work schedule
  • Explore new career opportunities
  • Leave the details to a professional agency

Med Lab Tech Opportunities with Coast Medical Service

It’s time to branch out with Coast Medical Services’ expansive job opportunities for travel healthcare positions in the Med Lab Tech field, in a variety of exciting environments. At Coast Medical Service, we ensure top-quality allied healthcare and travel nursing job opportunities, using our four decades of experience in the healthcare industry. We match your preferences with a provider and facility that values your skills to create a meaningful and educational opportunity for you that benefits patients too. With Coast Medical, you can expect competitive pay and benefits, and constant high-level communication and support through our agency.

Review our Med Lab Tech job listings across the United States. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how your skills and experience can launch you into your new travel healthcare career.

Med Lab Tech