Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Therapist

Everyone can breathe a bit easier when a high-quality respiratory therapist is around — and since the pandemic, this job has been in high demand, making it the perfect time to pursue a traveling position. Respiratory therapists work in a variety of healthcare settings, from surgical centers and outpatient facilities, to emergency rooms and multiple other hospital floors, examining and assisting patients with breathing or cardiopulmonary issues. Whether they are treating asthma, or helping a patient recover from surgery through breathing therapies, they are essential in a patient’s treatment and recovery.

Respiratory Therapists make ideal candidates for travel healthcare positions because they are needed in such a wide range of settings, that they have a unique opportunity to see and explore multiple healthcare settings. This broadens their experience, personally and professionally, as well.

Here’s what to expect as you embark on your first respiratory therapist travel healthcare professional placement process.

Job Responsibilities

  • Consulting with patients who are having issues with pulmonary function, and accompanying disorders or conditions
  • Communicating with their healthcare providers to ensure optimal care
  • Administering medications to assist with and improve breathing management
  • Monitoring progress with medication and treatments, and empowering patients to apply therapy techniques on their own when necessary, or at home
  • Creating treatment plans with the input of providers, families, patients, and other health team members
  • Testing breathing, oxygen levels in blood work, and administering inhalants, intubating patients, and more

When a patient can’t breathe, or can’t breathe well, it can be a high stress situation for everyone. The best respiratory therapists are calm in the face of pressure, and have clear plans and procedures for helping all patients in distress, as well as engaging in ongoing follow-up care as needed.

Professional Qualifications and Attributes for Respiratory Therapist

  • National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) certification and state license 
  • Familiarity with signs, symptoms, treatments, and follow-up for major pulmonary conditions, such as COPD, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Sleep Apnea, and many others
  • Excellent communication skills to clearly and cohesively communicate with providers and families
  • Calm, clear, swift, and effective under pressure, especially in high-stakes situations
  • CPR-trained and certified
  • Up to date with all recommendations for environmental breathing concerns, remedies, and considerations

Benefits of Respiratory Therapist Travel Positions

  • Work in an exciting and meaningful area of healthcare with concrete results you see daily
  • Have control of your work schedule
  • Explore new career opportunities in a wide variety of settings
  • Leave the details to a professional agency

Respiratory Therapist Job Opportunities with Coast Medical Service

At Coast Medical Service, we provide top-quality allied healthcare and travel nursing job opportunities. With 40+ years of experience in healthcare staffing, we have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and always strive to match your preferences with a provider that values your skills. With Coast, respiratory therapists will achieve the work-life balance you want, enjoy excellent compensation, and have a professionally satisfying job.

Please take a moment to review our job listings across the United States. Contact us today to get started finding the perfect respiratory therapist placement for you, in the location of your choosing.

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