Travel Healthcare Compliance Process

Compliance Process

Coast Medical Service prioritizes the compliance process for travel healthcare professionals, providing an assigned compliance specialist to ensure a smooth and efficient process, minimizing any delays in starting the new assignment. Usually taking 2-3 weeks, the compliance process can be expedited or extended based on the agreement between the healthcare professional and the hospital.

Coast Medical Service will cover the cost of:

  • Any medical testing required
  • Background checks, education verification and reference checks
  • Licenses and certifications up to $250
  • Fingerprints

Joint Commission

Coast Medical Service adheres to the highest standards as we are Joint Commission certified. Being certified by the Joint Commission means:

  • Following of risk management and risk reduction standards
  • Provides an organizational structure for quality, safety and improving performance of traveling healthcare clinicians
  • Increases trustworthiness and integrity of both Coast Medical Service with hospital clients and our traveling healthcare professionals, allowing you to stand above your peers
  • Provides confirmation of following the best business practices
  • Achieves regulatory requirements as needed
Travel Healthcare Compliance Process- Golden Seal

5-Step Compliance Process

If you are a new travel nurse or allied healthcare professional working with Coast Medical Service, you will go through a simple 5-step compliance process. Throughout this entire process, our Compliance Specialist and team are here to support you, ensuring transparency, preventing errors, and streamlining the process so that you can fully concentrate on your new travel healthcare assignments.



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