Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

Work In Most States

How to Obtain your Nurse Licensure Compact.

What if you could practice nursing anywhere in the United States, giving you freedom to move out of your primary state of residency? You can, with a few exceptions.

What is the Nurse Licensure Compact?

The Nurse Licensure Compact is a multi-state license that allows you to practice as a travel nurse in your profession in any of the states that recognize this type of license. Unfortunately, only 41 of the 50 states do, but legislation is in the works for some additional states, and advocates are working to ensure this is eventually a reality across the whole United States. When this happens, travel nurses will have more access to job opportunities in other states, and patients will have improved access to care


What is the Status of the License in Each State?

States are at various stages of recognizing and passing legislation for the “travel nurse license.” Here is the status of each of them. Your primary residence must be in the state that recognizes it to apply. Want to take action to bring the NLC to your state? You can support the movement here.

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Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)- How To Apply

How To Apply

Applying for this license is relatively easy, and obtaining it makes your life even easier. The entire purpose of it is to streamline your licensure across multiple states and territories so you aren’t applying and reapplying to each state you’d like to work in.

The 11 requirements to obtain your license:

  • Meets the requirements for licensure in your own home state (your state of residency)
  • Graduated from a board-approved education program, or from an international education program (approved by the authorized accrediting body in the applicable country and verified by an independent credentials review agency)
  • Passed an English proficiency exam
  • Passed an NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN Exam
  • Eligible for or has an active, unencumbered license
  • Submitted to state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background checks
  • Has NOT been convicted or found guilty, or has entered into an agreed disposition, of a felony offense under applicable state or federal criminal law
  • Doesn’t have any misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of nursing
  • Not currently a participant in an alternative program
  • Required to self-disclose current participation in an alternative program
  • Has a U.S. Social Security number

If you meet these requirements, you can apply now.

Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)- FAQs