CT Technologist

CT Technologist

It sounds as specialized as it is — Computer Tomography (CT) Technologists have a unique and exceptionally important job, where the results can make a difference in a physician’s ability to properly diagnose a patient. CT techs use computerized tomography scans to select and capture cross sections of diagnostic scans, along with other tasks, to provide healthcare teams with a full picture of a patient’s organs, tissue, and ultimately the condition they are dealing with.

This highly skilled and specific specialty is in high demand across the country, as attention to detail and proficiency with technical equipment isn’t easy for everyone. Due to this, travel healthcare opportunities are in abundance for this role, and you can take advantage of the chance to secure a highly paid and competitive position in multiple locations around the country. Here’s what to expect in your traveling healthcare career as a CT tech.

CT Tech Job responsibilities

  • Choosing the exact right time to administer and select cross sections of images to give physicians a closer look at diagnostic scans
  • Administering contrast to patients for specific tests
  • Operation and upkeep of scanning equipment, and knowledge of potential issues
  • Compassionately and knowledgeable helping patients who may have limitations in movement or accessibility issues, to still obtain high quality scans

Professional Qualifications and Attributes for CT Techs

  • Graduating with an associates degree or higher from an accredited training institution, and passing a certification exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (additional state licensure requirements might also apply)
  • Familiarity with surgical procedures, conditions, and a wide range of organs, tissues, and disorders
  • Understand a variety of scanning techniques and machines
  • Strong attention to patient care
  • HIgh level communication abilities
  • Ability to perform CPR and other lifesaving measures to patients in distress, in case they have issues during scans

Benefits of CT Tech Travel Positions

  • Work in an exciting area of healthcare, where your in depth knowledge will be valued
  • Take control of your work schedule
  • Enjoy higher pay than traditional positions
  • Explore new career opportunities, checking out a variety of hospitals and diagnostic centers across the country
  • Leave the paperwork and logistic details to a professional agency

CT Tech Job Opportunities with Coast Medical Service

You’ve worked hard to earn a degree in a specialized area, and you deserve the chance to expand your skills and horizons by traveling the country, working with top notch professionals in your field. At Coast Medical Service, we are ready to support that goal through allied healthcare and travel nursing job opportunities. We help you match your preferred job specifications to a variety of CT Tech job listings across the United States. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how your skills and experience can bring you exciting new opportunities!

Doctor operating CT scanner in hospital