Pediatric Travel Nurse Jobs in Texas

Culture, beaches, and a totally new experience — it’s time for travel nurses to take a second look at placements in Texas. If you have one year of professional experience as a nurse and an interest in helping those who need it, check out Coast Medical Service’s open pediatric travel nurse job positions in the Lone Star state. Earn competitive compensation and take control of your career path with a partner that gives you the resources and facilities you need to succeed and make a difference. Discover a career that encourages you to travel and satisfy your need for adventure and professional gratification as a pediatric travel nurse in Texas.


With no state income tax, Texas has a low cost of living. Housing, food, transportation, and healthcare expenses are typically below the national average. These low costs allow you to either save more of your hard earned income, enjoy more fun activities outside of work, or pay down debts faster.

Personal and Professional Enrichment

There are many advantages and benefits to traveling as a pediatric nurse. At Coast Medical Services, employees are paid on a weekly basis. Our team of professional nurses has the flexibility to choose between assignments. Decide where you want to live in Texas for several months at a time. Accepting a pediatric travel nurse job with Coast also means access to the top local hospitals. Harness your specialized skill set as a healthcare provider to our youngest demographic by becoming a pediatric travel nurse in Texas.

A Company That Rewards Hard Work and Dedication

Connecting with a company like Coast that respects and rewards hard work and dedication is one of the best things you can do for your career. Receive the support you need from one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies when you apply to a pediatric travel nurse job through Coast. Pediatric nurses dedicate their careers and lives to taking care of kids, and we consider it an honor to take care of them.

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