NICU Nurse Jobs

Looking to apply your specialized nursing skills while traveling throughout the United States? If so, learn more about NICU nurse jobs and descriptions! By becoming a traveling NICU nurse, you’ll have a meaningful career helping newborns and infants to survive and thrive in the earliest days of their lives.

Reasons to Apply to Coast Medical Service’s Traveling NICU Nurse Jobs

Enjoy traveling and seeing the United States.

Travel nursing is an ideal career path for specialized nursing professionals wanting to experience different settings and locations around the country.

Control your shift schedule.

Coast’s travel contracts allow greater control over your scheduled work shifts and time off.

Great benefits + weekly paychecks!

Coast is a leading nursing staffing agency with negotiating power regarding your benefits and compensation. Coast is committed to maximizing the potential earnings for every NICU nurse job description on our contract board.

Do you have the following skills? If so, we have NICU Nurse Jobs for you to consider!

  1. Experience with pediatric or neonatal nursing

  2. An empathetic, effective communicator

  3. Superior critical thinking skills in a high-pressure setting

  4. Ability to calmly manage demands from other NICU medical practitioners

  5. Committed to being a member of a life-saving team for newborns and infants

NICU nursing is a meaningful career path requiring caring for critically ill infants and newborns. To learn more about our open positions throughout the United States, connect with Coast. If you’re ready to blend your passion for helping vulnerable newborns and infants with traveling to varied locations throughout the country, we’d like to hear from you.

Expect the best with Coast Medical

Coast contracts with the most respected healthcare facilities and hospitals throughout the USA. Our team is committed to working with you to match your personal, professional, and financial goals with the perfect NICU nursing jobs. So apply today and get ready to pack your bags and set off on your travel nursing adventure.

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