You’ve worked hard to become a nurse, and now you deserve the freedom to choose when and where you work in the Los Angeles area. RN jobs are readily available, so when you partner with Coast Medical services and our 40 years of staffing experience, you know you’re getting matched up with the best nursing jobs in Los Angeles.

Coast works diligently to pair qualified nurses with the right job assignments, accounting not only for your skill set but also your lifestyle. We give you the freedom to take control of your professional life and also manage your work-life balance in a way that traditional shifts don’t typically allow.

We specialize in both per diem and travel nursing assignments.

Per Diem

If you’ve found a place in Southern California that you call home, but you want the freedom to work at multiple locations or to control the shifts you’re covering, Coast Medical has an established network of hospitals in need of per diem nurses. Per diem offers weekly pay and the ability to work multiple hospitals in a single week – it’s all up to you.

Travel Nursing

Say you’re simply ready for a change of scenery. You want some new places to explore in your free time, but you don’t mind having a set schedule – Coast is connected to hospitals from San Fernando to LA to San Diego, so you can experience new places as a travel nurse, relocating to a new city for each 13-week assignment.

Inquire About RN Jobs in Los Angeles

Coast has been listed in the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in LA, so let us show you what we can offer. Contact us today, and learn all about the most flexible and rewarding RN jobs in Los Angeles.

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