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RN Telemetry Nurses

The need for health care professionals continues to outpace the available women and men who dedicate their lives to helping others. That’s why your role as an RN telemetry nurse is so important. With your help, patients can get unmatched health care and you can make an incredible living doing what you love.

What Makes Coast Medical Different?

Certified RN telemetry nurses have a hard enough time on their own finding the perfect fit for their job needs. Instead of placing you in any facility that needs help, we only work with accredited medical institutions with a long track record of advancing the careers of telemetry nurses.

To gain the trust of these well-respected institutions, we only work with the best and most dedicated RN telemetry nurses in the industry. We know these nurses can work anywhere they want, and that’s why we provide some of the best crisis rates you’ll find.

The best part is you will perform the exact same telemetry nurse responsibilities you would if you had a permanent position. It’s the same job, but more money.

Here are some things you can expect when working with Coast Medical Service:

    Create your own schedule to live life on your terms
    Higher compensation than permanent registered nurses
    Network with top doctors and facilities around the country
    Quickly gain skills that would take other nurses years to learn

Travel, Help Others and Get Paid for It

With crisis rates at an all-time high, there isn’t a better time for an RN telemetry nurse to take advantage of traveling and working in some of the best hospitals around the country. Apply today and let Coast Medical Service find the perfect fit for your skills, so you can focus on doing what you love.


'This company finds you a job immediately. My recruiter really helped me get myself back into the healthcare field. In one week time l was already starting orientation for my new job and it was fast. Coast contacted me and guided me through what all l needed to get to start working. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in working with a positive and professional company.'

-Marie L.

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