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Why Travel as a Nurse in Texas?

It probably comes as no surprise to you to know that Texas is the second most populated state and the second largest state by area as well, but you may not realize that there are just under 800 hospitals spread throughout Texas. That translates to thousands of healthcare workers being needed, from concentrated urban centers to sprawling rural areas, throughout the state. There is a need in Texas for both specialized workers and general nurses willing to help wherever they’re needed most.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the Lone Star State while helping people get access to high-quality medical care, join Coast in our mission to connect like-minded nurses with top-class hospitals by accepting quality Texas travel nurse jobs with us.

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Experience The Uniqueness of the Lone Star State

You may have heard the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and that’s definitely not just talking about physical size; it’s also very true when it comes to state pride. Being a Texan is an important part of the identity of those from the state, and they show Texas pride in a variety of ways. Schools even say the Texas state pledge along with the national pledge of allegiance.

Texas boasts great attractions from border to border; in particular, Texans love their barbecues, live music, and, of course, their history, such as with the Alamo. When you sign up for a Texas travel nurse job with Coast, you’ll get to cover plenty of ground seeing sights and helping people around this amazingly huge state.

What Can I Expect from Working with Coast?

Coast isn’t just looking for a body to fill a need in some town in Texas. We want to have a relationship with a quality nurse who wants to travel to find meaningful work that is still flexible and well-paying. Join our national community of nurses for the best level of care from a healthcare staffing agency wherever you go. We’ll support you in Texas with a personalizable experience, including options to:

The nature of our services means that each assignment will vary in length, pay, specifications, and other details. But if you’re interested and qualified, we can help you find the right fit from our Texas travel nurse jobs. Get started by browsing through the current job selections we have listed, but remember that we’re always offering different opportunities to help you have the largest variety available. You can also ask us for help any time with the process of matching you to jobs that are a good fit for your specialization, needs, or preferences.

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Travel in Texas with Coast

At Coast, our commitment to excellence includes letting you build your overall pay package around the job(s) you find with us, through both travel and per diem options. As one of the best travel nursing agencies, we provide numerous contracts, plenty of support, and extensive industry expertise to our valued nurses. We offer a variety of openings for you to explore. You can get started looking for your Texas travel nurse job today! 

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