ER Travel Nursing

They are fast-paced and working with high stakes, and make a difference when patients need them the most — they are emergency room nurses. ER travel nursing can be an exciting and rewarding career path,providing critical patient care during emergency situations. They are used to treating patients who have an acute injury, trauma, or an allergic reaction, and assisting doctors with minor emergency surgeries. ER travel nurse jobs are available in many urgent care medical facilities and hospitals.

While every ER travel nurse job has different responsibilities, each position has some similarities to on-staff nurses, including:

  • Treating allergic reactions, critical trauma, or injuries
  • Cleaning wounds and drawing blood
  • Performing minor medical operations
  • Assisting the ER doctor and other medical staff with stabilizing ER patients
  • Helping to ensure patients are checked in and insurance information is collected
  • Communicating with patients and their families.

But a top-notch ER travel nurse does more than this — they are exceptionally effective communicators, remaining calm during the storm. They show attentiveness to the patients’ needs during one of their most difficult moments.

Why ER nurses should consider travel placements

  1. Gain work experience in an exciting area
    Whether you’re a new graduate looking for a fast-paced and exciting career or an experienced nursing professional wanting to explore a new environment, travel nursing assignments help you acquire new professional skills and personal insights that you will carry with you into the rest of your career.
  2. Take control over your work environment and scheduleNo more reporting to “the man”...take the reins over your own life and career with input in your work environment, schedule, and placement. For many, this can feel a bit more like being your own boss than reporting to someone else for years, even decades.
  3. Investigate different workplace settings and career opportunities
    It’s time to look around at what’s out there, and what other ER nurses experience. ER travel nurse jobs are perfect for professional nurses wanting to investigate various healthcare settings or enjoy the adventure of traveling to new environments for short-term assignments.
  4. Increased pay
    While traditional settings are right for some people, others are hoping to make more money doing what they love most — ER nursing. Most traveling nurses make close to double the income compared to traditional positions, allowing them to save for a specific cause, travel more, pay off debt, and more. We believe you should be well-compensated for the dedication you give to patients every day.
  5. Leave the staffing details to a professional nursing agency
    When you collaborate with an experienced nursing staffing agency, employment openings that match your skills and preferences are provided directly to you – you’ll never need to search for assignments or handle the paperwork.

Coast Medical Service has positions waiting

At Coast Medical Service, we offer high-quality travel nursing and allied healthcare employment. With years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the vital role of nursing and will always strive to match your preferences with an urgent care center or emergency room. When you work with Coast, you’ll improve your work/life balance, salary, and personal satisfaction in your work.

Whether you’re looking to visit the Carolinas or California, please review our current job listings. When you’re ready to learn more, contact us today, and we’ll show you how travel nursing can be a great fit with your skills and experience!


"When I first moved to LA, I was unsure if I would be able to find steady work. A friend recommended Coast and I'm happy they did. The onboarding process was professional and efficient. Coast helped me find steady work within a week of my move at top hospitals. I know they have my best interest in mind and go the extra mile for me. Coast welcomed me to the family and made the move to CA worth it. "

-David E. Coast RN since 2017

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