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Posted: November 15, 2023

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Travel healthcare worker in sunshine

Escape the Chill: Embrace Sunshine in Warm Weather Travel Healthcare Locations!

Are you tired of bundling up in layers, shoveling snow, and dreaming of warmer days? Well, dear travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals, it’s time to trade in those winter blues for the sun-kissed hues of California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas! At Coast Medical Service, we understand the need for a change of scenery, and we’ve got just the prescription to lift your spirits and your career.

Sometimes, as a travel nurse or allied healthcare professional, you need some vitamin D. With long hours in stressful conditions, how nice is it to walk outside of work and feeling the sun on your skin? Or on your time off, being able to go for a hike or a weekend at the beach in the winter months? Consider a travel healthcare assignment in one of these top warm weather areas!


Embrace the Sun in California For Your Travel Healthcare Assignment

First stop: the Golden State! California is not just a hub for movie stars; it’s a haven for travel healthcare professionals seeking both professional growth and a sun-soaked lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling city life of Los Angeles or the laid-back vibes of San Diego, California offers a diverse range of opportunities for travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

Picture yourself trading snow boots for flip-flops and navigating a career path that meanders through iconic cities, picturesque coastlines, and majestic mountains. The demand for travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals in California is as constant as the waves on its beaches.

Los Angeles, the City of Angels:

Griffith Observatory while on a travel healthcare assignmentDive into the fast-paced world of renowned healthcare facilities, while also enjoying the iconic beaches, trendy neighborhoods, and vibrant cultural scene. From the Hollywood Hills to the Pacific Coast, Los Angeles is a city of endless possibilities. Feeling like a rebel without a cause or want to embrace your James Dean/Paula Abdul fantasies? Head over to the Griffith Observatory for amazing views of the city and the stars! Just don’t rush (rush).

San Diego, Where Sun Meets Surf:

Historic Gaslamp QuarterPicture yourself working alongside top medical professionals during the day and unwinding on the stunning beaches of La Jolla or Mission Bay in the evenings. San Diego seamlessly blends work and play, creating the perfect balance for a travel healthcare adventure. If you’re looking for fun dining locations, check out the famous Gaslamp Quarter.



Bask in the Desert Glow of Arizona as a Travel Nurse

Next up, we’re heading to the enchanting deserts of Arizona, where the sun reigns supreme almost all year round. Picture yourself trading snowflakes for cacti and experiencing healthcare in a state known for its vibrant southwestern culture.

Arizona’s warm desert climate isn’t the only thing heating up – so is the demand for skilled travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals! Known for its awe-inspiring landscapes and vibrant cities, Arizona offers a unique and enriching experience for those seeking a break from winter’s icy grip.

Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun:

Camelback MountainAs a travel nurse or allied healthcare professional in Phoenix, you’ll find yourself in the heart of a thriving medical community. From upscale shopping and dining in Scottsdale to outdoor adventures in Camelback Mountain, your days off will be as exciting as your workdays. Or check out southwestern arts and hip eateries line on a visit to Old Town Scottsdale, with a dash of some great nightlife if that’s your speed!



Tucson, Where the Old West Meets Modern Medicine:

Pima Air & Space MuseumImmerse yourself in the rich history of the Old West while working in state-of-the-art medical facilities. The warm desert breeze and the breathtaking saguaro cacti will make your Arizona assignment a memorable chapter in your travel healthcare journey. Interested in historical accomplishments in flight? Visit the Pima Air & Space Museum where you can see a variety of historical commercial and military aircraft!



Sunshine State of Mind: Florida is Great for Travel Healthcare

Now, let’s set our compass southeast to the land of eternal summer – Florida! Leave behind the snow shovels and embark on a healthcare journey surrounded by turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and a plethora of outdoor activities.

If you’re dreaming of endless summers and tropical vibes, look no further than the Sunshine State. Florida beckons travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals with its sandy shores, diverse ecosystems, and a thriving healthcare landscape that is always in need of skilled professionals.

Miami, Where Culture and Healthcare Collide:

Take break from travel nursing on the beaches of MiamiExperience the lively fusion of Latin American and Caribbean cultures while working in cutting-edge medical facilities. When you’re not saving lives, relax on the famous South Beach or explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Little Havana and Wynwood. Looking for some local cuisine? Find the top Cuban restaurants outside of Havana in Miami. Watch out for the Cuban coffee though as it packs a caffeine punch!





Orlando, More Than Just Theme Parks for Travel Healthcare:

Sunny Orlando for a Travel Healthcare AssignmentBeyond the enchanting world of Disney, Orlando boasts a robust healthcare scene. As a travel nurse or allied healthcare professional, you’ll have the chance to contribute to this dynamic community while enjoying the sunny weather and nearby natural attractions. If you’re feeling adventurous, try an airboat ride on a swamp excursion!



Texas: Where Everything’s Bigger, Including Travel Healthcare Opportunities

Y’all ready for a Texas-sized adventure? Texas offers a blend of big-city excitement, charming small towns, and landscapes as vast as your career opportunities in travel healthcare.

The Lone Star State offers not only vast landscapes but also a robust demand for travel healthcare professionals. With cities that seamlessly blend Southern charm and urban sophistication, Texas is a destination that caters to both your professional aspirations and your craving for warmth.


Dallas, Big City Thrills for Travel Nurses & Allied Healthcare Professionals:

View in Dallas while on a break from travel healthcareFrom its bustling downtown to the historic districts, Dallas is a hub for healthcare excellence. But it’s not all work and no play – enjoy world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment during your downtime. Looking for picturesque views? Check out the Gallery Rooftop Lounge for some fun times in the sunshine.



Austin, Where Weird Meets Wellness:

Austin, TX Travel Healthcare jobsThe capital city of Texas is a unique blend of creativity and healthcare innovation. Embrace the weirdness of Austin while working in top-tier medical facilities, and don’t forget to explore the live music scene and outdoor activities. And if you’re a BBQ fan, you have to visit the world famous Franklin BBQ. The line might be long, but the food is worth it!



The Coast Medical Service Experience: Real Stories, Real Success Testimonials from Travel Healthcare Professionals That Speak Volumes

But don’t just take our word for it – let’s hear from those who have experienced the Coast Medical Service difference firsthand.

“Coast Medical Service not only connected me with an amazing travel nursing opportunity in California but also provided unparalleled support throughout my assignment. I felt valued and appreciated, making my warm weather escape even more enjoyable!” – Sarah, RN

“The personalized approach of Coast Medical Service sets them apart. They understood my career goals and found me the perfect allied healthcare position in Arizona. Working in the Grand Canyon State has been a dream come true!” – Alex, Allied Health Professional

Your Warm Weather Adventure Awaits! Ready to Take the Travel Healthcare Leap?

If you’re tired of winter’s chill and ready to bask in the warmth of a new adventure, Coast Medical Service is your ticket to success. California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas are waiting for you, and so are the opportunities that will elevate your travel healthcare career.

Visit our jobs page to search and apply for your choice of thousands of high-paying travel nursing or allied healthcare assignments, many in warm climates! The process is simple and only takes a few minutes to get going.

If you’re not sure where to begin, our recruitment team is here to help. Click here to submit your resume. Then one of our expert recruiters will reach out to discuss your individual goals and work to find your ideal opportunity!

And if you know of a travel nurse or allied healthcare professional that is seeking some sunshine, make sure to submit them via our referral page. You can earn up to $1000, and they will receive $500 upon the completion of their travel healthcare assignment!

Your next chapter of sunshine, growth, and success in travel healthcare begins with Coast Medical Service!

Don’t just chase the sun; let Coast Medical Service help you shine in your travel nursing or allied healthcare career.

Safe travels and sunny days await!

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