Spend the Holidays in the Snow: Create Your Own Hallmark Christmas Movie

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Posted: November 1, 2023

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Snow covered tree

Are you ready to trade in your scrubs for ski boots, at least during your time off? If the holiday season has you yearning for snowflakes, steaming mugs of cocoa, and the crisp air of a winter morning, we’ve got the destinations for you. Beyond the fulfilling travel healthcare assignments and the opportunity to make a difference in new communities helping patients, states like Colorado, Idaho, Vermont, and Michigan offer the winter wonderland experience of a lifetime. Think of it as stepping into your very own Hallmark Christmas movie—except this time, you’re the star, and the story is yours to create!\n

Colorado: A Winter Wonderland

Few places on Earth can compete with the winter allure of Colorado. The Centennial State offers not just world-class skiing and snowboarding but also a host of other snow activities. Try snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains or get the adrenaline pumping with some snowmobiling. Looking for more adventure? Ouray Ice Park is one of the premier destinations for ice climbing. Dog sledding in Breckenridge offers a family-friendly way to explore the scenic trails while mushing your team of huskies. When it’s time to unwind, don’t forget to check out the annual Telluride Fire Festival, an extraordinary spectacle featuring fire artistry.

Idaho: A Hidden Gem

Idaho may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of winter, but it should be. It offers a quieter but no less exciting winter experience for travel nurses and allied healthcare workers to enjoy when not on their travel healthcare assignment. Whether it’s skiing in Sun Valley or taking a winter hike in Coeur d’Alene, there’s no shortage of snow-covered adventures. If you’re looking for something more off the beaten path, the scenic drive along the Sawtooth Scenic Byway is perfect for those who love a wintry landscape without the crowds—or maybe try ice fishing on Lake Cascade, Idaho.

Vermont: The Quintessential New England Experience

If you’re looking for that quintessential New England winter experience, Vermont is the place to be. From skiing in Stowe to sledding in Burlington, the Green Mountain State offers a variety of fun-filled activities while away from the hospital. For the foodies, Vermont is maple syrup heaven; visit a sugarhouse to see how it’s made, or visit the birthplace of Ben & Jerry’s for a quick pint. You could even mix in a winter winery tour at Boyden Valley Winery and try one of their seasonal spiced winter wines as you unwind from your shift.

The Mitten State’s Snowy Appeal

Michigan’s unique geographical location and dual peninsulas make it a winter haven. From snowboarding in Boyne Mountain to snow camping in the Upper Peninsula, the range of winter experiences throughout Michigan seems endless. Have you ever tried luge? The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex offers a chance to experience this Olympic sport. For a winter fairy tale, visit the Eben Ice Caves, a marvel of natural ice sculptures. And don’t miss the chance to see the frozen waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Create Your Own Hallmark Movie Scenario

These states offer travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals not just the chance to contribute to healthcare during the busy holiday season but also to create unforgettable memories in a winter wonderland. From world-class ski resorts and serene snow-covered landscapes to charming winter festivals, these destinations offer plenty of activities that go beyond hospital duties. It’s the perfect opportunity to step into your own Hallmark Christmas movie, complete with magical snowy settings and festive activities. Don’t just admire the holiday season from afar—switch it up this holiday season and be the star of your own winter wonderland adventure while making a difference on your travel healthcare assignment!

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