Pediatric Travel Nursing

Pediatric RN Nurse Career

Looking for a way to quickly sharpen your skills, travel the country, and advance your pediatric RN nurse career? By becoming a pediatric travel nurse you’ll have access to opportunities permanent nurses only dream about.

The Perks of Pediatric Travel Nursing

By working with Coast Medical Service, you’ll be placed in one of the top medical institutions in the country and work alongside some of the brightest doctors in their respective fields.

The knowledge and skills you’d gain from this experience would immediately put your pediatric RN nurse career on the fast track.

On top of that, your experience would include:

    Taking advantage of high compensation packages
    Knowing exactly when and how long you need to work

The best part is your pediatric nurse responsibilities remain the exact same. As long as you’re able to show up with a great attitude and skills, you’ll be making a huge difference.

Why Work with Coast Medical Service?

When traveling the country you don’t want to get stuck in a hospital that doesn’t meet your expectations. That’s why we only work with the top and most respected medical institutions in the country.

In order to keep these institutions happy we know we have to provide high-quality talent that can easily integrate into existing organizations. That’s where you come in. With our help, you’ll get teamed up with the best medical staff in the country and get paid the highest compensation for doing it.

Apply today to our pediatric travel nursing opportunities through our site and enjoy a life far beyond what permanent nurses experience in their pediatric RN nurse careers.


'This company is very professional and responsive. The staff always keeps me working and answers all questions in timely manner. I would like to thank Coast for keeping me up to date on positions. As far as handling paperwork, this company is a great. It is a wonderful place to work and I love it.'

-Claressa C.

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