Pediatric Travel Nursing

Traveling Pediatric Nurse Careers

Pediatric ICU nurses are a special kind of awesome — they help families when they need them the most, when they are the most concerned about their sweet kids. They know how to communicate, they exude patience and grace, and they are ready to save lives. We honor them by giving them the best possible working conditions and travel nursing placements throughout the country, so they feel appreciated and set up for success.

If you are looking for a way to apply your ICU pediatric nursing skills to a lifestyle where you can travel and have more freedom at the same time, this career path might be for you.By becoming a traveling pediatric nurse, you’ll become part of a life-saving healthcare team committed to the well-being of young children.

Reasons to Become a Pediatric ICU Nurse with Coast

Never a dull moment

Travel nursing is perfect for a healthcare professional wanting to explore new locations and workplaces. With the average travel nursing contract lasting only 13 weeks, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of places. If you find a location you enjoy, you may have the opportunity to extend your contract with the hospital for up to a year while still enjoying tax-free per diem reimbursements for food and housing.

More control over your schedule

Travel nurse contracts allow for greater control over scheduled shifts and locations. You get to choose what shifts you agree to in advance of signing the contract, which isn’t dictated when to work by hospital leadership.

Exceptional benefits and weekly paychecks

Coast is a professional nursing staffing agency that works with you in negotiating your compensation and benefits. Coast prides itself on helping traveling pediatric nurses maximize their per diem reimbursements, often drastically increasing their overall compensation.

Are you a traveling pediatric nurse with the following skills?

  1. Strong abilities to think and plan ahead
  2. An effective and empathetic communicator
  3. Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  4. Effectively manage time with multiple demands
  5. The ability to maintain calm in a high-pressure environment

If caring for children in the ICU environment sounds rewarding, connect with Coast to learn about our career opportunities as a traveling pediatric nurse. This line of work may be an ideal way to blend your passion for helping children with exciting and varied locations throughout the United States.

Expect the best with Coast Medical

Coast only works with the most respected hospitals and healthcare facilities, and we always aim to provide the best quality nursing talent. Coast Medical Service will match your personal, professional, and financial goals to find the perfect traveling pediatric nursing position for you. Experience the difference in travel nursing with Coast. Apply today and get ready to explore travel nursing opportunities.


'This company is very professional and responsive. The staff always keeps me working and answers all questions in timely manner. I would like to thank Coast for keeping me up to date on positions. As far as handling paperwork, this company is a great. It is a wonderful place to work and I love it.'

-Claressa C.

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