Find Travel RN Jobs, From Coast to Coast

Whether you’ve just finished your first year of work out of nursing school or you’re an experienced professional, Coast Medical Service can help you find the perfect career fit. Our medical staffing company helps hospitals nationwide find the right nurses to join their team, but we also assist nurses in discovering the right place for their skills.

For those who are looking for travel nurse positions anywhere in the United States (including California), this page can help you sift through the many available positions. Explore your options today to find everything from per diem nursing jobs to travel nursing positions.

RN Jobs Anywhere

At Coast Medical Service, we keep track of all travel RN jobs in California, Nevada, Delaware, New York, and more. Find jobs in a number of different medical specialities including:

  • ICU

  • L&D

  • Telemetry

  • Med-Surg Adult

  • Scrub Tech

  • Physical Therapy

  • Cath Lab

  • CNA

  • PACU

You can search by keywords, location, or speciality to find the perfect fit for your certifications and experience level.

Our travel nurse position listings include when the job was posted, who you can contact for more information, and what type of nursing position you’re filling (travel or permanent). Click through each job to find more details on the start and end dates, shift type, and duration.

We Can Help You

Coast Medical Service is proud to help both hospitals and nurses find what they need. If you’re looking for travel RN jobs in Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, or other states nationwide, our team can help. Explore this job page to apply to our available jobs or join our considerable database of nurses when you apply online today.
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