Benefits of Working with Travel Nurse Agencies

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Whether you’ve just gotten your nurse’s license or you’re an experienced nurse looking for some change, you may want to consider the benefits of working as a travel nurse in 2021. A staffing agency like Coast Medical Service has a lot to offer and when you work with a travel nurse agency, you get to experience it all. If you’re ready to learn all about your options, read more below for information from our top experts.

What to Expect From Travel Nursing

For those new to the nursing world, travel nursing is similar to per diem nursing but offers a little more stability. While per diem nursing can be very short-term — from as little as one day — most assignments from a travel nursing agency range between four weeks and three months. You’re also guaranteed a specific amount of hours for each contract you accept. The pay for travel nursing is also higher than per diem, ensuring significantly greater payment for travel nurse positions.

Pros of Travel Nursing

Understanding what travel nursing has to offer over per diem nursing will help you feel more confident about your decision. Some people prefer having the day-to-day flexibility of per diem nursing. They also like that they can choose where they work without having to pick up and move their lives every few weeks or months. Others prefer the combination of stability and variation offered by travel nursing. Either way, there are always travel nurse positions available through a travel nurse agency like Coast Medical Service!

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1. We Filter for Your Needs

The most important thing about working with a travel nursing agency is that we filter jobs based on your needs. You tell us your availability, pay requirements, experience, and any other relevant information, then we’ll match it with hospitals and clinics that meet your specific needs.

Between our relationships with hospitals and clinics and the constant need for nurses across the board, we can find travel nurse positions to fit any set of circumstances. Unlike regular jobs, where you have to arrange your life around work, travel nursing in 2021 allows you to schedule work around your life.

Once you’re on the roster of certified nurses for our travel nursing agency, you can reach out to us at any time to modify your profile and customize it to match your current lifestyle. Our online system and the constant influx of travel nurse positions means we can always adapt to whatever comes up in your life, no matter how frequently it changes.

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2. Flexible Schedules

When it comes to building your work schedule with a travel nursing agency, your submissions for each position are completely up to you! You get to set what times of the year you wish to work and it’s up to you which assignments you agree to.!

With the ability to coordinate your time off, you can let us know ahead of time when you want to visit family, go on vacation, or take a break. Our travel nursing agency can accommodate any schedule to ensure you’re matched with the right facility.

If you’ve been through unreliable jobs before you don’t need to worry, flexible shifts don’t mean fewer hours. Unlike other jobs that advertise flexible shifts, travel nursing contracts in 2021 include a minimum amount of work, so you’ll always have the money you expect with every contract. When you go to a new hospital, your earnings can only go up, never down.

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3. Higher Pay

Depending on how often you work, the average compensation for working with a travel nurse agency can reach over $100,000 a year once all your benefits and allowances are included. That’s nearly double what the median yearly salary is for a permanent nurse.

There are a few reasons why the pay and demand are so high with a travel nursing agency. For one, hospitals value the skills it takes to not only be an exceptional nurse but to be able to jump into a brand new setting and excel quickly. Another reason for high pay and demand is that hospitals don’t have to pay for benefits, which means they can offer more money upfront.

Sometimes hospitals do offer some perks, and those might be part of the compensation packages you can review for each gig. You can pick and choose which jobs you take by evaluating your pay packages for yourself – with our help, of course – and deciding what your priorities are when it comes to getting paid.

Generally, though, you don’t have to worry about benefits. When you work with a travel nursing agency, the staffing company makes sure that you’re at least 100% covered with the basics.

With the demand for travel nursing rising in 2021, as it has been for years now, you can expect to see a rise in compensation for those willing to go the extra mile.

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4. Explore New Environments

When you choose to work with a travel nursing agency, you can expect to explore new states, cities, and facilities with every new contract. Currently, the demand for travel nurses is highest in Hawaii, Colorado, California, Texas, and New York. Travel nursing is one of the best careers for travel lovers because you can stay in these popular vacation destinations just by working with a travel nurse agency!

In many cases, you don’t have to live in a big city. Nursing positions in Arizona put you right next to the Grand Canyon, travel nursing in Nevada lets you explore the desert, and positions in northern California recall memories of the old gold mining towns. There is no better way to explore the country in 2021 than travel nursing and making money while you’re doing it.

In addition to traveling the nation, a travel nurse position also has the opportunity to explore several different departments and specialties. This is important to discuss with your travel nursing agency, as they can keep an eye out for the positions that interest you most.

Some specialties require specific training or education, but some allow you to just jump in. The temporary nature of travel nursing allows you to give it a shot either way. Whether you want to stay in one department or try a little bit of everything, working with Coast Medical Service can make it happen.

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5. A Recruiter Focused on You

As a travel nursing agency, we’re on your side. You’ll have a dedicated recruiter that handles finding your travel nurse positions and contracts, but your recruiter is also there to help build you up. From career and resume advice to interview assistance and more, we’re focused on helping you excel in each position you accept.

From a purely business perspective, we make more money when you’re offered higher-level travel nurse positions. But on a personal level, you’ll form a relationship with the recruiter and everybody else at your travel nursing agency. We love seeing our nurses grow with us and go on to have incredible careers. That’s why we focus on how we can best help you do it. You can reach out to us at any time of the day or night, and we’ll be here for you.

So whether you’re a new grad searching for your first ever travel nursing gig in 2021, or an old pro looking to revitalize your career, we’re here for you and are thrilled about the opportunity to help you succeed. You can be honest about your goals and ambitions with the recruiter at your travel nursing agency. They’ll search tirelessly for job openings that push you further along the path to success.

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6. Job Security

As a travel nurse, you are generally guaranteed job security. Clinics and hospitals are always in need of additional travel nurse positions, so as long as you’re willing to travel, you’ll always be able to find work through a travel nursing agency. Not every type of job has a constant demand that allows you to leave one job and jump straight into another, but a qualified nurse can always find work!

This is especially true for travel nursing in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the nationwide shortage of nurses, and that problem isn’t improving anytime soon. But the hospital’s loss is your gain! With fewer nurses graduating than new jobs opening up, you can always be assured of a great position being available wherever you want to work with very high compensation.

You benefit from this even more when working with a travel nursing agency since we’re tapped into the locations and hospitals that need nurses the most. Even if your town has enough nurses, a different city or state won’t. We help you go where the need is greatest, which means we help you go where it’s always a seller’s market. You never have to worry about not getting the next gig when you’re willing to work as a travel nurse.

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7. Go Where You’re Needed Most

Many of you probably became nurses to help others. As a travel nurse, you can always jet off to where you’re needed most. No matter where in the United States a natural disaster, epidemic, or local tragedy has occurred, you can jump right in and join the relief teams. Coast Medical Service is always on the lookout for high-priority travel nurse positions that need travel nurses right away so we can help you save lives.

Another thing that COVID-19 highlighted is how the need for medical personnel can easily shift from city to city and state to state as the epicenter changes. That’s why working with a travel nursing agency is the best way to help.

This way to be of service isn’t limited to nurses who specialize in working in ERs or ICUs. Nurses of all kinds are needed when emergencies arise in each new location, so no matter your specialty, we can help you help others in the place you’re needed most when you’re a travel nurse in 2021.

You can also work in a location that isn’t dealing with a specific tragedy, but has a consistent and dire shortage of nurses. You don’t always have to be working in a crisis to be where you’re needed most. Rural hospitals often lack the travel nurse positions they need. With travel nursing, you can help alleviate that shortage without signing up to spend the rest of your life in that small town.

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8. Find a Place to Settle

Whether you know where you want your career to take you or not, you might not be set on where you eventually want to live.

Interested in living in a small town? Let us know and we’ll search for jobs in rural locations for you to try while traveling in 2021. Curious about living near the beach? We can find job opportunities for you along the coast of California, in Texas, and even New York so you can thoroughly explore your options.

Don’t fall into the trap of living somewhere just because it’s all you know. With a travel nursing agency, you can find a rewarding, fulfilling career, live in all different kinds of environments, and discover what you really want for your life. Whether that’s a specific city, a small town, or living most of your life as a nomad, travel nursing can help you figure it out for yourself.

And when you do decide where you want to stay, your experience means you will already have the connections to get a permanent travel nurse position there. If you’ve already worked at, for instance, a hospital in California, then you already know the people in charge and they’ve seen the quality of your work. That gives you a huge leg up when it comes to landing a permanent job.

Find the Right Place for You

Coast Medical Service can help you achieve your goals. Our travel nursing agency is one that is respected and trusted by hospitals and nurses alike. You can read just a few of our testimonials to gain a better understanding of our dedication and passion for what we do. Let us help you find the perfect place for your talents through travel nursing today!

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