How a Healthcare Staffing Agency Works from the Inside

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At Coast Medical Service, we work with both nurses and medical facilities to help them meet their employment and staffing needs. No matter which side of the equation you’re on, we can help you learn more about the type of work we do and how our processes work. If you’re interested in an inside look at how our healthcare staffing agency works, read on here for more information.

Outsourcing Recruitment

The main reason many medical facilities reach out to our team is to completely outsource their recruitment process. They want to save time and money internally by eliminating their own recruiters and avoiding the need for additional salaries, training, benefits, payroll taxes, and much more. Some of the other benefits of outsourcing to a healthcare staffing agency include:

Contingency Recruitment

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Some healthcare staffing agencies work on contingency. This means you don’t pay them a monthly or yearly service fee. The agency only gets paid if you hire one of the candidates we presented to you. Most of the time, the fee is based on the percentage of the salary you gave to your new employee.

With a low fee structure and the same attentive recruitment strategies, many hospitals prefer working with agencies who work on contingency. They still analyze the job descriptions, identify qualifying candidates, reach out to them, and submit them to you. The biggest difference is that this type of recruitment doesn’t conduct major screening or interviews before you meet the candidates.

On-Demand Recruitment

On-demand recruiting is best for hospitals that have an internal recruiting team that needs a little extra support. You don’t hire the entire healthcare staffing agency, you pay additional team members on an hourly or project basis to help you find the right candidate. This type of recruitment is very scalable and it’s ideal for facilities that are experiencing fast growth or have unpredictable hiring needs.

You might use on-demand recruiting to fill a single role, supplement your internal team during a hiring spree, build applicant pipelines, get sourcing support, or keep your candidate search confidential.

We Specialize

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At Coast Medical Service, we specialize in recruitment for the healthcare industry — more specifically, we work only with nurses. Whether you need per diem nursing candidates, travel nursing applicants, licensed vocational nurses, or certified nursing assistants, we have the candidate pool and resources you need to fill any nursing position.

Reach out to our healthcare staffing agency today to get started!

December 16, 2019Career, Life BalanceCoast Medical
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