The Ultimate Travel RN Checklist

Use this travel nurse checklist from Coast Medical Service for the next time you hit the road for a gig! We cover all the most important travel nursing needs.


How To Find Travel Nurse Opportunities

Learn how to find travel nurse opportunities with Coast Medical Service. We’re a healthcare staffing agency that cares about finding the right fit for nurses.


Making the Most of the Holidays on the Road

Travel nursing with a family can sometimes be a struggle for those who have to leave their loved ones behind. Learn to make the holidays easier with our guide.


Travel Nursing During a Pandemic: Inside a Rewarding, and Challenging, Career

Crisis travel nurse jobs are increasing with each day that the pandemic continues. Find the highest paying RN travel jobs in the USA with Coast Medical now.


Adventure Awaits: Why Nationwide Travel Nursing is the Ultimate Career Move

There are few things in life more satisfying than getting to help others and going on adventures to see the world.


Black Lives Matter

The current social justice issue encompassing the nation is something that affects all of us. Coast Medical Services stands in solidarity against the injustices that are taking place across the country.


Nursing in a Crisis: Nursing Pay Skyrockets

Crisis pay for traveling nurses is currently skyrocketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of healthcare for the foreseeable future.


Hiring a Specialist with a Hospital Staffing Agency

Are you looking to hire a specialist? Learn about the benefits of working with a hospital staffing agency like Coast Medical Service to find nurse candidates.


Travel Nursing Tips for New Grads

Find out about the requirements of travel nursing for new grads. Learn more about whether this job is right for you by visiting Coast Medical Service today.


Advantages of Travel Nursing for LPNs

Travel nursing for LPNs can be highly rewarding. Learn more about the requirements and benefits of the positions available at Coast Medical Service today.


How a Healthcare Staffing Agency Works from the Inside

If you’re wondering how a healthcare staffing agency works on your behalf, explore the breakdown at Coast Medical Service to see our internal processes.


Top Tips to Communicate with Your Medical Staffing Agency

Getting ready to work with a medical staffing agency? Learn how to communicate with your recruitment team when you read the top tips in our blog posts.

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