How Do Travel Nurses Find Housing?

Looking for the right place? Find great travel nurse agency housing with Coast Medical Service. Here’s our list of the best websites for travel nurse housing.


NATHO Welcomes Kenny Kadar, CEO and President of Coast Medical Service, to Board of Directors Role

Coast is pleased to announce that NATHO (National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations) has appointed Kenny Kadar to its Board of Directors.


Trends in Nursing 2020-2022

Explore the trends in nursing from 2020 to 2022 with Coast Medical Service, with our explanation of healthcare traveler jobs and nursing during the pandemic.


Covid-19 Delta Variant Cases Increasing

Coast Medical Service shares news about the Delta variant and where travel nurses are needed most. View our current openings to help serve communities.


How Long is a Travel Nurse Contract?

Want to learn more about travel nurse contract jobs? Coast Medical Service offers high-quality per-diem travel RN contracts. Contact us for more information.


Benefits of Working with Travel Nurse Agencies

Discover the benefits of working with exceptional travel nursing agencies. Learn about flexible schedules and higher pay rates with Coast Medical Service.


Why We Need More Nurses On the Road

Enjoy creating your own schedule and work-life balance with Coast Medical Service. View our current 4-week travel nurse assignments across the United States.


Travel Nurse Staffing Is the New Norm. Here’s Why.

Travel nurse staffing, which has become the new norm, offers many benefits to medical centers. Find out more about this trend from Coast Medical Service.


3 Things You’ll Always See at the Best Travel Nursing Agencies

The best travel nursing agencies provide their nurses with plenty of job opportunities and support. Learn more about travel nursing from Coast Medical Service.


Discover a New Career Path As a Psych Travel Nurse

A psych travel nurse has the opportunity to travel while meeting the mental health care needs of patients in the US. Find out more from Coast Medical Service.


Kenny Kadar, President of Coast Medical Service Talks Healthcare Staffing On Wanderly News Network

Kenny Kadar, President of Coast Medical Service, talks about hospital staffing solutions on Wanderly News Network. Watch the YouTube Livestream to learn more.

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