Things Healthcare Staffing Companies Look For in Potential Candidates

If you’re looking for the top qualities a healthcare staffing company or medical facility looks for in a potential candidate, read on here for our top tips.


Best Tips for Finding Nurse Jobs in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for nursing jobs in Los Angeles, Coast Medical Service can help you narrow down your options. Read on here for our top job hunting tips.


A Guide to Nurse Registry in Los Angeles

Have you almost completed nursing school? Discover the opportunities that await when you explore the Coast blog covering nurse registry in Los Angeles.


How a Medical Staffing Company Can Help Find Your Dream Job

Coast Medical Service is a medical staffing company that helps nurses find their dream job. Read on to learn why working with a staffing company is better!


How to Find Work-Life Balance As a Nurse

To avoid burnout due to the stress and demands of your RN career, Coast Medical Service has some reasonable steps to achieve a work-life balance as a nurse.


Per Diem vs. Travel Nursing—Which Option Is Best for You?

Day-to-day versus seasonal travel—we break down the pros and cons for nurses facing the choice of per diem vs travel nursing. See which path is right for you.


The 5 Best Careers for Travel Lovers

Wanderlust got you yearning for some new scenery? We break down the 5 best careers for travel lovers so you can figure out the best way to see the world.

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