Coast Medical Service Named in Top 20 US Travel Nursing Agencies!

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Posted: August 26, 2022

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Coast Medical Service is proud to have been selected as one of the Top 20 Travel Nursing Agencies of 2022 by Blue Pipes, a nationally respected travel nurse information company!

In fact, Coast ranked in the top 10 on the list, which was based on reviews primarily by healthcare professionals.

Inclusion on this list proves Coast’s commitment to quality staffing and our long-term goal to make our travel nursing program one of the best in the country!

What Makes Coast a Top Travel Nurse Company?

We work tirelessly to hire only the best nurses and give them the support they need. We match their needs and specific skills to hospitals and arrange flexible schedules.

Many hospitals and clinics throughout the US are facing a dangerous lack of qualified nurses to staff their wards and ORs. To address this, they turn to top travel nursing agencies to bring their staff numbers up to a safe level.

Unlike many other traveling nurse agencies, Coast works with our nurses to ensure their individual needs are met. We find them competitive salaries as well. A top traveling nurse with our agency can make over $100,000 when all the perks are included!

Our nurses also have a recruiter dedicated to them. That means they work with the same person, ensuring they always have someone who knows their history, needs, and specialties.

We are with our nurses through every transition and every assignment. As a traveling nurse business, our top goal is to be their long-term partner and foster a relationship that gives them security as well as flexibility.

What Criteria Landed Us in the Top 20 Traveling Nursing Agencies?

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Blue Pipes looked at over 380 traveling nurse businesses to determine the top 20.

Although there are many “Top 20” or “Top 10” lists, Blue Pipe’s is different. They decided their rankings through company reviews – over 108,000 of them!

This means that nurses and health care workers created the list by leaving reviews on sites such as Traveling Nursing Central, Highway Hypodermics, Facebook, Google, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Aggregate scores determined which agencies would make the cut.

In order to be ranked, a company must have had at least 50 reviews across all sites, and 15 reviews from nursing professionals within the last year. This ensures the list is up-to-date and the reviews are vetted. The reviews were then converted into a 1-100 points system.

All of the travel nursing agencies in the Top 20 list had scores of over 90 out of 100. We are proud to say Coast scored over 95, putting us in the Top 10!

Read what some of our traveling nurses are saying about us and you’ll see why we made the top of the list.

You Need a Traveling Nurse Agency that Recruits the Best

No recruiterless agencies made the top 20 list of travel nursing businesses. What does this mean for traveling nurses?

Going with a recruiterless agency means that the quality of nursing and the quality of bookings are not guaranteed. You may be a highly-skilled nurse in your field, but you will have to wade through bookings and take your chances that the hospital or clinic you choose will be a good one for you. You might find yourself tied into a contract that suits neither your specialty nor your personality.

All of the best agencies, including Coast, recruit and vet their nurses, and have the ability to be extremely selective when it comes to staffing. That’s why, as a traveling nurse agency, Coast can offer you top posts at the best hospitals.

Hospitals and clinics know they are getting well-trained professional nursing staff when they hire from us. And our nurses understand they will be working for top-notch institutions where they will have the best match for their schedule and needs.

Get Started with Coast Today


We have over 122,000 travel nursing and allied jobs on our listings. You can search by keyword, location, and specialty. Browse the kinds of jobs we have and see why professional travel nurses rely on Coast as a top agency.

If you’d like to join our ranks, we invite you to apply. We’ll need some basic information about you, your specialty or specialties, and a resume. If you have any questions about our services or how to apply, please contact us by phone, email, or our convenient online form.

When you work with Coast, we take care of the details, leaving you to do what you do best – professional nursing. Enjoy a worry-free experience with Coast, improve your salary, and find the best work-life balance for you.

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