Establishing Where You’re Needed In Nursing

“Where are nurses needed”? It’s a simple question, but it takes more work than you might think to answer. Hospitals needing nurses are everywhere, but finding not just where you can get the best gig for yourself, (but also where you can do the most good,) takes research. That’s why we put together this list of tips to help you figure out where you’re needed most.

Pay Attention To Current Events

A significant amount of the news is about different ways people are getting hurt. If you keep up with it, you’ll quickly find places where your assistance as a healer will come in handy. Whether it’s knowing where the latest COVID-19 hotspot is, or responding to a different crisis somewhere else, the news will always help you figure out where nurses are needed.

Even if it’s a temporary crisis like a natural disaster or even extreme weather, staying aware of it and other current events will always be useful if you’re willing to pack up and go at a moment’s notice.

A big hospital like the ones where nurses are needed most

Study Which Specialties Have The Most Job Openings

Nursing is a great career because hospitals are always needing huge numbers of nurses. But within that, the number of hospitals needing nurses trained in specific specialties is even higher. If you study those specialties and become an expert, you’ll never wonder “where are nurses needed,” because you and your rare skills will always be in demand.

Some specialties are always needed, like ICU and ER nurses that can regularly handle high-stress situations. Others come in and out as technology evolves and new nurses graduate. But knowing where demand is will always help you figure out who needs you the most.

Keep An Eye On States With Nursing Shortages

Larger states tend to have more hospitals and fewer nurses to share. That leads to those states having nursing shortages. You’re not guaranteed a job if you go there, but keeping an eye out for new statistics showing the states with the biggest nursing shortages will literally tell you where nurses are needed, and it at least puts the odds in the job seeker’s favor.

Of course, you should always be sure you have the licenses for all the states you’re looking at. Keeping up to date on nursing shortages is a great way to find opportunities, but a nursing shortage in California doesn’t do anything for you if you don’t have a license to practice there.

A patient in one of many hospitals needing nurses

See Where You’re Sent As A Per Diem Nurse

Hospitals needing nurses usually reach out to an agency directly for help. If you work as a per diem nurse and keep track of where you’re sent, you’ll be able to pick out a pattern that will answer the “where are nurses needed” question.

While this isn’t a scientific method of seeing where you can offer the most help, it’s still a reliable way of seeing where career experts think your skills are the most routinely valuable. Of course, on top of that, patterns change, so this works best if you’re looking to see where you’re needed to eventually find a long-term position.

Sign Up As A Travel Nurse

In the same vein as a per diem nurse, you can also just work with an agency that will tell you where nurses are needed most. You don’t have to do any of the research yourself. When you work with an agency like Coast Medical Service as a travel nurse, they will just send you to hospitals that are short staffed in cities that need healers.

It’s a great option for nurses who are looking to make a significant weekly wage, travel across the country and explore new places, get experience in new specialties without being stuck in that one job or career path long term, and go where they can do the most good with their skills.

People everywhere need nurses all the time. But by responding to specific needs and regularly asking yourself “where are nurses needed,” you’ll be able to ensure that you can always help people and stay employed as a nurse for your whole career!

April 9, 2021CareerCharles Stover

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