How a Medical Staffing Company Can Help Find Your Dream Job

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Posted: September 2, 2019

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Searching for the right job can be an incredibly trying process. You have to sort through potential employers to find the ideal fit for your talents and needs, fill out endless applications, and attend interviews where you may still be rejected. Whether you’ve been on the hunt for just a few days or several months, Coast Medical Service can help you find your dream job. Working with a medical staffing company means matching each candidate to the perfect position and vetting both employer and employee to ensure everyone’s satisfaction. Learn more about why you should choose to work with a company like Coast.

1.  A Focus On Employee Benefits

Since we want to attract qualified, skilled employees, it’s in our best interest to offer a number of enticing benefits. At Coast, our focus is on bringing amazing nurses to great hospitals, so we ensure that a hospital offers great pay, flexible scheduling, and top quality services. We also have a unique referral program that benefits anyone who helps us find qualified caregivers.

Even if the position we’re offering is temporary, nurses that work with us find better opportunities than they would by searching on their own.

2.  You Can Still Work While Job Hunting

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The first job you find in your field may not be your absolute dream job, but a medical staffing company can help you find one that’s the perfect stepping stone to where you want to be. You get to work in your field, make money to pay your bills, and stay on our radar for other jobs that could be the perfect match. Once you’re on file as a talented and reliable employee, we’ll actively be searching for opportunities that meet your requirements. It’s not unusual to specify what you’re looking for in terms of hours, pay, and position to a staffing agency like Coast.

3.  A Temporary Job May Lead to Full Time

Coast has succeeded in helping you find your dream job, but it’s only a temporary position. Don’t lose hope! Many temporary employees who prove themselves to be valuable, find that a hospital wants to keep them on the team even after their time is up. In fact, many hospitals hire temporary employees as a type of vetting process before taking them on in a more permanent role. Some medical staffing companies are hired to find both temporary and permanent positions, so you can choose which avenue you prefer.

4.  Find a Position Faster

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When a hospital hires a medical staffing company, they’re often looking to fill positions as soon as they can. They haven’t been able to find applicants on their own, so they turn to the professionals who know how to help. Many times, the staffing company is also under contract to find someone to fill certain positions on a deadline, so they’re strongly motivated to connect with the right nurses. At Coast, we’ve noticed that the turnaround times at staffing agencies are generally much higher than you would see at a regular job. While it may take weeks to hear back after sending a resume directly to a hospital, an agency like Coast speeds up the process and can respond within days — or even hours.

Our goal is efficiency, so we streamline the entire interview, vetting, and hiring process to get people on board in a new position as quickly as we can.

5.  Gain Experience

A temporary position can be an invaluable opportunity to build your resume and learn new skills. Working at a variety of hospitals exposes you to many different scenarios and positions, so you have the chance to learn something new everywhere you go. Make sure you include everything you’ve experienced onto your resume, and leverage these skills into earning your dream job. As a medical staffing agency, we work with Travel Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants. No matter which of these avenues interests you most, talking to our team about your preferences ensures you’re gaining targeted experience that moves you forward in your career.

6.  Create Important Connections

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While you may think that a temporary position isn’t the best way to gain a foothold in the industry, Coast knows that meeting new people at a number of different hospitals and departments will help you create a massive network of contacts. You can generally rely on these people as mentors, references, and future permanent employers as you grow your career. If you’re hoping to work at a specific hospital that doesn’t currently have any openings, making a good impression on others in the industry may lead you to insider knowledge about open positions at similar companies.

7.  Developing a Strong Relationship with Recruiters

Building connections with hospital professionals is important, but maintaining a strong relationship with your recruiter is also critical. This is the person that will help you stand out among all the other candidates. They can help you develop your resume to include everything your dream employer may be looking for, and ensure you discover temporary positions that enhance your skills and make you an even more attractive candidate.

Be honest with your medical staffing company recruiter about your goals and ambitions to ensure they know how to market your skills and talents. Giving your recruiter the wrong impression will lead you to interviews with hospitals you have no intention of working with — reflecting negatively on you and the recruiter. Be specific with your requests and requirements to guarantee they know how to help you achieve your dreams.

Are You on the Hunt?

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At Coast, our professional recruiters are ready to start you on your way to a strong career. Our Los Angeles based medical staffing company is passionate about bringing together hospitals and nurses that together deliver safe, effective, and efficient patient care. Let us assist you in building mutually beneficial relationships, finding the right opportunities for your skills, nurturing short and long term goals, and offering you the freedom to choose how, when, and where you work. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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