How Do Travel Nurses Find Housing?

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: March 15, 2022


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So you’re thinking about being a travel nurse, or maybe you’ve already booked a contract to be one…and now you’re realizing that you don’t know where you’re going to live during your assignment as a nurse. You might not be aware that it’s possible to find travel nurse agency housing. Here’s our list of the best websites for travel nurse housing. Enjoy finding a great place with ease so that you can concentrate on what’s really the most important: being the best nurse you can be.

Go Traditional

Many travel nurse positions will have travel nurse agency housing offered in the contracts, such as a housing stipend. For those willing to work in the areas with the most demand for travel nurses, we often are able to negotiate benefits like paid-for lodging directly into your overall pay package.

If that isn’t available, there is typically a historical tradition with housing that travel nurses on that assignment in previous seasons or years have used. You can ask your agency or other travel nurse friends what housing options look like for that assignment. The best websites for travel nurse housing in your area may surprise you, so don’t be afraid to have an open mind to information other nurses share with you.

Go Popular

There are a variety of options when it comes to the best websites for travel nurse housing, but finding great housing for your travel nursing contract basically follows the same formula as finding any sort of temporary housing. Popular sites include VRBO, Airbnb,,, and, where you can find housing that is temporary and furnished. You can usually also put in specific criteria for your search for the right place to stay, such as housing that is within a certain distance of a hospital.

Certain of these websites are intended for a more general audience, while others more specifically cater to travel nurses. Just because a website isn’t specialized doesn’t mean it won’t have what you’re looking for, though. The search engine of a general site may not be as intuitively connected to travel nursing needs, but there is also usually a wider selection on the more general websites. Don’t be afraid to look around and consider that different options may work better in different places. Just because you found the perfect place for fall on Airbnb doesn’t mean your winter apartment has to be an Airbnb, too.

Find the Best Place for You

We hope this has been useful in finding the best websites for travel nurse housing. When you work with Coast Medical Service, you’re assured the best in every aspect of the travel nurse positions you accept, which includes housing. Let us work with you to find the ideal options for your circumstances and needs. Benefit from our reputation for excellence and attention to detail. Reach out to us to get started with the process today!

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