How To Find Travel Nurse Opportunities

Travel nursing is a dream career in many ways. The opportunity to take care of people, do meaningful work, and see the world makes this the perfect vocation for many healthcare professionals. 

However, a tricky aspect of the job is identifying where the right jobs are for you. That’s why we at Coast Medical Services put together this guide on how to find travel nurse opportunities. With these tips, you’ll be able to open yourself up to all the options so there are more opportunities available and you can spend more time focusing on what’s most important to you: helping others.

Stay as Flexible as Possible

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One of the great benefits of being a travel nurse is the flexible schedule. And while having a healthy work-life balance is important, hospitals may have a hard time scheduling you if you adhere to a strict work schedule.

But with flexibility comes more travel nurse opportunities. Hospitals appreciate working with nurses who are versatile and adaptable. Show them that’s you with your schedule! If you’re willing to work late nights and other non-standard shift hours, chances are you’ll find more options opening up to you.

Work in Acute Care or on Crisis Assignments

Whether you want a career as a travel nurse or just want to try it out for a year, there are acute care positions that can help with any vocation. Since acute care workers are especially in demand at the moment, there are presently more travel nurse opportunities in this field. Plus, If you decide to settle in one location later in your career, you can leverage your acute care experience when applying for new jobs.

By definition, crisis care needs nurses who can help in a face-paced and quickly-changing environment. Crisis care takes a special kind of nurse, and  those who work crisis assignments will tell you it is needed, meaningful work—that also pays very well.

Maintain Multiple State Licenses

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Travel nurse staffing moves quickly, and sometimes a hospital will request an immediate start date. But what if it’s out of state? Many states can turn around a nursing license in 48 hours, but some, like California, can take months. Hospitals appreciate a quick and easy hiring process thanks to the employee being prepared.

Plan ahead by obtaining and maintaining state licenses for the places you’d like to work. If  you’re licensed and available, you’ll find travel nurse opportunities in the hospitals that need someone right away.

Work With A Nurse Staffing Agency

Travel nurse staffing agencies are a conduit to some of the best travel nurse opportunities. They also provide guaranteed pay rates and continuous benefits.

The professionals who work there get to know what your strengths and priorities are so they can continue to help find you the perfect jobs. And they have relationships with top-tier hospitals, which opens up even more options.

Travel nursing is already a demanding job. Focus on what matters and minimize your time spent hunting for the next gig by using these tips for finding travel nurse opportunities. By doing so, you’ll build a meaningful and sustainable career!

January 14, 2021Travel NursingCharles Stover

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