Making the Most of the Holidays on the Road

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Posted: November 20, 2020

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One of the most difficult parts of the travel nursing experience can be spending the holiday season apart from your loved ones. There is no replacement for being with your kin on Christmas morning, but travel nursing with a distant family can be made a little easier by following some of our tips.

Stay in Touch

This is the 21st century, and there is no shortage of options when it comes to ways you can connect to the people who matter the most in a rapid fashion. Zoom meetups, social media, and even just a good old fashioned phone call will always be available no matter where the job may take you.

Compose Your Thoughts

Travel nursing with a family can compel you to want to hear the voices of your loved ones as often as possible, but sometimes written communication can add a special layer to your correspondence. Writing and sending a holiday letter by hand can make your travel nursing experience one to remember by letting you speak to your family with well-chosen words and gifting them a physical reminder of your love.

Celebrate with Those Around You

When travel nursing, being with family does not have to just refer to your blood relations: family can be anyone you truly care about, including your patients, peers, and friends. As many nurses who have worked with us can attest, one of the greatest parts of travel nursing is meeting people whose paths you never would have crossed otherwise. If those people are also missing their loved ones (and they probably are), you can always have a holiday celebration with them and bond over the unique benefits and challenges that travel nursing with a family can present.

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Remember Your True Purpose

If you are like many of the individuals who sign up to work with Coast Medical Services every year, you got involved with medicine in the first place because above all, you care about helping people. One of the easiest ways to make the distance from your loved ones easier is to practice gratitude that you are healthy enough to help others who are stuck in the hospital during the holidays. Remember that by virtue of being in the life of a patient, you are giving them the gift of genuine and accurate care. Knowing that you are away from your family not for a superfluous reason but because you are making a difference in the lives of strangers can help you remember why travel nursing with a distant family is a worthwhile experience.

Get the Travel Nursing Experience of a Lifetime with Coast Medical Services

You can never tell what might be just around the corner when it comes to life as a travel nurse, but you can always rely on being able to do good and earn what you deserve from it when you staff with Coast Medical Services. Travel nursing with a family can be tough when you have to be apart for the holidays, but the fulfilling work and competitive compensation ensure that you know you are making a rewarding choice. And if you know any other great nurses who could use a boost to their career and finances this holiday season, there might be something in it for you if they pursue working with us.

If you have experience travel nursing with a family that is faraway during the holidays and have any tips for making the season a little easier, leave us a comment below. And if you are interested in brightening the holidays for someone in need of care, you can apply to work with us today. Make this holiday season one to remember and spend it serving communities across the nation with the help of Coast Medical Services now.

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