The 5 Best Careers for Travel Lovers

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: June 20, 2019

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There’s a lot to be said for planting your roots and settling down in a place when you’ve seen and done everything you’ve wanted to – but why tie yourself down to one city before you’re ready? Lots of job opportunities in a wide range of interesting career fields are available to those who have the initiative to seek them out. So, if you have the itch to travel, we might have a solution for you as we breakdown the top 5 best careers for travel lovers:

#5 – Travel blogging/writing

Few travel careers offer as much freedom as the life of a travel blogger or writer. You get to visit all sorts of locations and share what you saw and learned with your readers. All you need is a passport, a camera, a computer, and occasional access to Wi-Fi. Of course, the out-of-pocket expenses of the job are a major obstacle if you’re starting fresh and trying to build an audience. You may have better luck working for a magazine – but you’ll need to build a strong portfolio if you want to get hired by one of the big power players.

#4 – Teaching English abroad

What could be more fulfilling than teaching English to the youth of a far-off country? Immerse yourself in the cities and cultures of the world while teaching courses in the language that more people worldwide want to learn than any other. Organizations will help you create and maintain a structured lesson plan and help you connect with schools in foreign countries that want your services for a semester or more at a time. Just make sure you know the difference between your and you’re.

#3 – Working on a cruise ship

Cruise Ship

By their sheer size and the number of crew and travelers aboard, cruise ships are sometimes referred to as floating cities. These massive vessels are a strong contender for the best career for travel since the job offers room, board, and the means for transport all in one convenient package. But while the job seems luxurious, you should take into account the reality that you’re essentially a staff member on a floating hotel – which means your days will be dictated by the demands of your passengers.

#2 – Bartending

From the medieval inn to the Old West saloon to the modern Vegas pool party, no profession has been more in demand than that sacred slinger of spirits – the bartender. Bartending schools teach you how to make everything from simple whiskey and cola to the more complicated cocktails and certify you in the trade so you’re able to work just about anywhere. The downside is that you will work mostly nights and weekends, and those shifts will be spent mostly with intoxicated strangers who insist they can do your job better than you.

#1 – Working as a travel nurse

Employment as a travel nurse tops the list for the best careers for travel lovers because while you are providing the medical care for patients in need, you will marvel at the professional and personal growth you’ll experience through your work and travel.

Other than teaching abroad, no other occupation on this list offers you a chance to travel to new locations while also making a significant difference in people’s lives. Travel nursing allows licensed medical professionals to work in new locales for extended periods (contracts are usually for 13 weeks) while ensuring that the nurse has a set schedule during their assignment.

A travel nurse in California must first earn their degree, which is done via one of these options:

  • Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Entry-Level Master’s Program in Nursing
  • LVN Unit 30 rating
  • Membership in a Military Medical Corps

Once you have completed the required schoolwork, individuals who wish to work as a nurse in California must then apply for a license (either via examination or endorsement) from the California Board of Nursing, which regulates and issues all licenses in the state.

Once your degrees and licenses are in order, you need only work for a year before you can start applying for travel nurse assignments through Coast Medical Service. Coast is a resource through which you are immediately connected to hospitals throughout Southern California (from San Bernardino to LA to San Diego), and we are constantly looking for qualified individuals to help with those nurse staffing needs. Once you accept an assignment with Coast, you can enjoy the personal and professional benefits of the best career for a travel lover, such as:

  • The confidence that you have a set schedule for the duration of the contract
  • The professional experiences and connections that you will make at your new hospital treating new patients
  • Paychecks every week (payroll gets issued on Thursdays)
  • The chance to experience as much that your new town has to offer when you’re not in your scrubs

Coast Medical Service has been around since 1979, and we pride ourselves on our resolve to answer the need of SoCal hospitals with the most talented nurses possible. Coast will take the time to understand what you’re looking for in an assignment and then work diligently to match you up with a hospital that is trying to find someone just like you. Coast is a company determined to help you create significant connections as a travel nurse because we understand that qualified nurses deserve the freedom of choice when it comes to when and where they work.

So if you are interested in the travel nurse career path, connect with Coast Medical Services today. You might not have to travel very far to land your ideal nursing job.

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