Being in Charge of You Again — The Flexibility of a Career in Travel Healthcare

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: June 30, 2023

Travel Nursing

Nurse flexibility

Self Care of By Giving Yourself the Flexibility of a Travel Healthcare Assignment

After years of education and even more years of experience, you’ve earned the right to be in charge of the details of your healthcare career. Following others’ preferences, schedules, and orders can be a thing of the past with a career in travel healthcare. You have the ability to choose the details, curate your dream career, and change your mind again if you want — including rates, schedules, location, facility types, assignment length, and more. Here’s what travel healthcare professionals know, and love, about the flexibility of the profession.

Determine your own schedule

Nurse Building Her Own Flexible Schedule

Wouldn’t it be ideal to set your own schedule?

When’s the last time your boss at a traditional healthcare placement asked you to pick the days to work that are best for you and your family? Likely, never, unless you are one of the lucky ones. But with travel healthcare professions, this is exactly the type of power and freedom you have, when you are selecting potential placements. Our recruiters work with healthcare facilities and managers to determine your potential options, so you can select a placement that fits your preferred schedule. Whether you are a night owl or prefer no weekend shifts, there is likely a perfect match for you

Choose your assignment length

Maybe you are planning to head to Europe next season, and only want to work for a few months. Or, maybe you are hoping for a long term placement in the city where you want to raise your family for at least a year. There are potential assignments for each scenario, and you are in control of choosing an assignment length that fits your lifestyle. You no longer need to worry about getting “stuck” in a career, and a city, that isn’t right for you for any length of time. Travel healthcare professionals also have the opportunity to sign up for their same placement again, if it’s a great match, to continue in a job they love.

Picking your own housing

Maybe you want to buy a house — and rent it out later when you leave for another city. Maybe apartment living is more your style, or long term stay hotels. Some of our travel healthcare professionals even stay in an RV or AirBnB, adding a sense of adventure to everyday life. The options are endless, and open to your preferences. Coast Medical Service also offers the maximum allowable tax-free per diem reimbursement for housing, regardless of which option you choose. Use it all, or only use a portion of your per diem and save the rest! In addition to housing, you are in charge of how you get there. If you don’t want to be tied to owning a car, you can leave yours and fly in, while others prefer to drive depending on the location you choose.

Flexibility — a two-way street

Nurse showcasing flexibility doing some yoga

The flexibility you experience as a traveling healthcare professional also extends to the healthcare facility, which also might need your flexibility from time to time too. Since they are filling a gap in staffing, needs might change, so it’s important that you both remain flexible and also enjoy the full benefits of a flexible career. Managers appreciate your willingness to bend a bit to meet their needs, and often reward healthcare professionals for filling these gaps with ongoing opportunities and reciprocated benefits.

It’s time to take control of your career, and your life, by exploring opportunities available now as a travel healthcare professional — you’ve earned the privilege of a flexible, rewarding next step.



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