Things Healthcare Staffing Companies Look For in Potential Candidates

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Posted: November 20, 2019

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There’s a lot more to being an attractive nursing candidate than simply the amount of years you’ve been working and an “RN” behind your name. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect nursing job and you want to optimize yourself to be the best option, Coast Medical Service has the advice you need. Whether you’re interested in per diem positions, travel positions, or vocational nursing, the principles here are the same. Read on for the top four things healthcare staffing companies and employers look for in potential candidates.

1. Flexibility

Travel nurses and per diem nurses especially need to be as flexible as possible when it comes to scheduling, shift lengths, and specialities. Sometimes, the specific field you’re interested in doesn’t have openings or you’re going to be called on at odd hours to fill in for other nurses. Are you willing to work in the same hospital in a different department for awhile until something opens up? Can you come in at a moment’s notice?

While these aren’t requirements for recruitment with our healthcare staffing company, nurses with more flexibility and versatility are in high demand and will find positions first.

2. Positivity

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You already know that you’ve chosen a challenging career path. Sick patients, worried families, demanding doctors, and long hours are all part of the package. While we know and appreciate the hard work you put into your job, staying positive through it all is critical. If you can remain upbeat and happy during the toughest times, the recruiters and interviewers at healthcare staffing companies and hospitals are more confident that you will respond well in the face of a crisis or emergency.

3. Leadership

Most nursing positions don’t require you to be in charge of a team, but you need to have leadership abilities as a nurse for many other reasons. Whether you’re filling in for another nurse or you’re wrangling a difficult patient, projecting confidence, calm, and control are all qualities that others trust.

Work on your leadership abilities by volunteering to help with orientation for new nurses, taking charge of collaboration between departments, and getting to know every member of your support staff. Add your experience to your resume in a way that reflects your leadership experience and you’ll notice an increase in job opportunities.

4. Compassion

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As a leading healthcare staffing company, we want to know that you truly care about your patients before recommending you to a clinic or hospital. When you’re passionate about something, you perform better and people notice a difference. It’s always best to work in fields that interest you and invest yourself fully every day.

Coast Medical Service

At Coast Medical Service, we help both nurses and facilities find their perfect match. Since we’re invested in your success, our recruiters and hospitals only benefit by providing you the guidance and advice you need to be at your best!

Learn more about working with our healthcare staffing company when you reach out today!

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