Top Tips to Communicate with Your Medical Staffing Agency

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: December 9, 2019

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Whether you’re a medical facility or a registered nurse looking for placement, at Coast Medical Service, our medical staffing agency caters to everyone’s hiring and employment needs. Many people from both sides of the industry use staffing agencies to save time and widen their pool of applicants or medical facilities. If you want to ensure healthy communication with our team, here are our top tips to creating a responsive and cohesive partnership.



1.  Be Descriptive

While we have a pretty good idea of what a hospital or clinic needs as well as basic information about the requirements for nursing staff, communicating with us about the details of any agreement is critical. From exact job requirements and contract terms to technical proficiency and skill specifications, we need to know it all. If you’re a hospital, be as descriptive as possible when it comes to the job duties and requirements, so we can start a targeted search that weeds out anyone who isn’t the right fit. Tell us about the benefits package, the type of employment, and any other relevant details about your needs.

When you come to a medical staffing agency as a registered nurse, we need the same kind of specificity from you as well. Do you want full or part time employment? What specialities do you already have experience with? What departments are you hoping to gain experience in? What is your availability and what are your expectations for pay? The more we know, the more quickly we can find the perfect match.

2.  Develop A Timeline

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When we talk about developing a timeline, we mean how often our medical staffing agency reaches out to you with progress reports. If you have a specific deadline for a position, it needs to be incorporated into your timeline with us. Any schedule needs to guarantee enough lead time to review and assess our pool of candidates properly. Recruiting can be very time consuming, and with a healthy amount of time to search for the right candidate, we can do a better job to reach out to all options we deem appropriate. Too short of a timeline risks missing out on the perfect candidate, as you rush to fill the position with whoever is available.

3.  Stay Engaged

Scheduled updates aren’t the only time when you can get in touch with your medical staffing agency. If anything changes in the position type or status, contact our team right away. The same goes for any nurses that are working with us. Did you originally apply to be a per diem nurse and suddenly you’re interested in travel nursing? Let us know ASAP!

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Now that you know the best way to communicate with your medical staffing agency, reach out to us to post a position or apply to be part of our staffing pool now!

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