It’s Time to See the World — Without Depleting Your Savings Account

Travel healthcare professionals enjoy unique opportunities to explore

The pandemic gave new meaning to the term wanderlust — that desire to head out, travel, roam about, and get lost in a new city altogether. Americans are prioritizing travel like never before, and they aren’t planning to go too far to do it. In fact, 87% are prioritizing domestic travel, one survey says, and half wish their trips are longer when they have to head back home. But what if instead of carving out one or two weeks per year to see the sites, you were in a permanent state of travel, or could set up in a new city every few months? This is one of the main attractions of the travel healthcare profession.

For those new to the field, it can be overwhelming to consider the vast options — if you could go to any location in the U.S., where would you head first? Our travel healthcare professionals have some go-to answers to start with, including vibrant cities and communities in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. But, with job opportunities in hundreds of cities through the U.S. and Guam, the options are truly endless, and you can change your mind after your first placement, or stay put to renew your contract for up to a year.

Here’s what our travel healthcare professionals’ favorite go-to cities have to offer, where often the most positions are also available, and where they spend their time after they’ve concluded their meaningful days changing patients’ lives.


California Beach

Head West — California

Take a drive

If you’ve only seen California in a movie, it’s likely it was a breathtaking image of a seaside drive through curving, lush forests, similar to that of the 17 mile drive. Just north of Carmel-by-the-Sea, you can take this route, or similar routes near Big Sur, along the beach, stopping periodically to take in the views and the sea breeze, bringing along a picnic and blaring your favorite tunes. Only California offers this unique combination of stunning forests and a beachy vibe, a must-see location on your weekends or evenings off.

Be a kid again

California has no shortage of theme parks that are just as exciting for adults as kids, from Disneyland in Anaheim to Legoland, just north of San Diego. Fans of Jurassic Park, Transformers, Harry Potter, and other major motion pictures can find some thrilling rides at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles as well.

Follow the grapes

There’s nothing like a weekend away to wine country as a major perk or living in California. Located just 50 miles northeast of San Francisco, Napa Valley offers over 400 wineries and over 150 restaurants, including some of the most high end Michelin star locations in the country. Take a break from wine tastings to head out to Lake Berryessa for some outdoor water activities.


a view of New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge

Much more than the Big Apple — New York

Head beyond the city

Sure, New York is known for the Big Apple, where you can surely take in a Broadway show, the Statue of Liberty, numerous big name museums, and Times Square. But beyond that, New York has much more to offer. If you haven’t been, a bike tour of Niagara Falls is a must-see, as it’s one of the wonders of the world, and even more breathtaking by bike.

Discover the capital

Albany (yes, New York City isn’t the capital, surprisingly) is chock-full of adventurous afternoon outings, since now that you’ll have so much more control of your work schedule. After your shift, spend some time ziplining, and in the winter, taking in the downhill ski slopes New York is known for.


A skyline photo of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

An unexpected adventure — Pennsylvania

Check out Steeler’s country

While it might not be the flashiest destination, Pennsylvania is a top place traveling healthcare workers head to explore Midwest towns full of hidden adventures, a serious sports scene, and more. Pittsburgh, a hardworking industrial town, is home to secrets like the National Aviary, where birdwatchers can hang out, and the Andy Warhol museum.

A blast from the past

History buffs, get ready — Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell, and was the signing place for the Declaration of Independence, making it full of historical landmarks to explore every weekend of your travel healthcare placement. Check out the Benjamin Franklin museum, and try out a different version of the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich on virtually every corner of town.


a view of El Paso Texas skyline

Check out the Lone Star State — Texas

A view from the river

You can officially pretend like you are in Venice, right here in the U.S. In San Antonio, the vibrant River Walk (Paseo del Rio) scene offers river boats where you can glide past lit up street side cafes and bars, stopping periodically to sample everything the unique culture has to offer. While you are there, check out the historical and iconic Alamo, and look for parades and art shows along the way.

A beachside town

While Texas may make you think of vibrant cities, stretches of farmland, and some seriously warm temperatures, it also features an expanse of Gulf Shore beaches to cool off, such as in Corpus Christi. Even if your placement isn’t right near the beach, the proximity to the shore for weekend adventures makes Texas a must-try for travel healthcare professionals, especially Padre Island Beach.


a view of Olympia Washington from the water


Take in… the whales

In one of the most unique adventures you’ll find around the country, you can spend your time off from healthcare relaxing with the whales. Off the coast of San Juan Island, you can watch for Orca whales who spend their time eating abundant salmon there. You can occasionally spot a humpback or gray whale as well, a much more authentic experience than the aquariums you’ve been to in the past.

Dig in

What’s even more interesting than Seattle’s space needle is its culinary scene, where you can go on a 2-hour chef-guided food tour of Pike Place Market. If you’ve always wanted to be a chef after your career in healthcare, this is your moment to explore the sites, sounds, and tastes chefs value in Seattle, progressing in your education as a foodie in this must-see town.

Your next adventure awaits. Check out the job openings available now in these, and hundreds of other towns to get set up for your next travel experience.

May 23, 2023Travel NursingCharles Stover

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