Types of Non-Traditional Nursing Jobs


Not every nurse has to work in a hospital. Maybe working at the same location every day feels too constricting, or you simply prefer a different working environment than a hospital. Fortunately, there are many types of travel nurses and many kinds of non-traditional nursing jobs. Here are a few of them that might lead to the career that works for you!

Travel Nursing in New Locations

Doing meaningful work, experiencing different ways of life, and traveling the country – it’s not a bad life! Keep an open mind about where you go and the kind of work that you do and you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities available for all types of travel nurses.

As long as you’re flexible and versatile, you’ll always have work options at great hospitals, especially if you work with a reputable travel nursing company. Plus, with varying experience comes expanded opportunities. Hospitals will be eager to hire you permanently if you ever decide to settle in one location.

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccines

The COVID epidemic redefined the landscape of medicine, and much of what’s required to detect and treat it isn’t a conventional aspect of nursing. Nurses are needed to support COVID patients in long-term studies into the effects of the virus, ways it can be treated, and the efficacy of vaccines. Medical research is a different type of nursing job that’s greatly needed, and still will be. Realistically, it will be years before COVID-19 is well-understood and no longer a major threat.

Cruise or Yacht Nursing

A cruise ship that would employ different types of travel nurses

Boats can go out on the open water for weeks on end, and nobody wants to be in a situation where they need a nurse and can’t get to one. Working as a nurse at sea is one of the most non-traditional nursing jobs, but the rewards can be outstanding.

Admittedly, lodging aboard a boat can be cramped, yacht crew members often have to wear multiple hats, and you’ll probably spend a lot of your working time treating seasickness! But if you’re open to different types of nursing jobs in the first place, the gorgeous locales you’ll get to travel to for free make it worth it.

Theme Park or Camp Nurse

Where there are children, there are injuries. And where injuries occur, there are non-traditional nursing jobs! Anywhere that lets kids run around and explore will have to handle kids (and sometimes adults) in situations that require a medical professional, which means that summer camps and theme parks are rife with different types of nursing jobs.

Imagine how magical it would be to work at Disney or observe as kids discover themselves at summer camp. You can be a part of it all as a theme park or camp nurse.

Nurse Health Coach

A nurse finding fulfillment at a non-traditional nursing job

When it comes to their own health, most people are surprisingly ignorant. They rarely know how to create a diet plan, exercise properly, or find a work-life balance. That’s why there are many different types of nursing jobs in health and fitness.

As a nurse health coach, you can help guide people to a greater understanding of their own bodies and help them take care of themselves. If you can prove that they don’t need to see a million different specialists, just one really good nurse, they’ll pay you accordingly for it, too.

Medical Writing and Consulting

Maybe you’ve realized that direct medical care isn’t for you. That doesn’t mean you don’t still have valuable knowledge that can be put to good use! If you can write well for the medical world, you can get different types of nursing jobs as a writer or consultant.

Academia always needs specialists who can explain complex ideas, especially about the human body. If you can write clearly and descriptively, that’s a great gig! Even more elusive but extremely exciting is being a medical consultant on a Hollywood set. Medical shows rely on healthcare professionals to make their portrayals accurate. Why can’t that be you?

Sports Nursing

For certain types of travel nurses, working in sports is not just a job, it’s also fun! Every sport needs medical professionals on hand in case anything happens to the athletes. And if you’re good at it, teams will want you to travel the country (or even the globe) with them to have you on hand in case of an injury.

If you want a high-octane way to explore and interact with some of the fittest people in the world, sports nursing is an incredibly exhilarating way to be part of a sport’s community.

Start Your Journey in Nursing

There are many types of nursing jobs, especially for traveling nurses. And signing up with an agency is a good way to put your expertise to work where it’s most needed. You may be offered a non-traditional opportunity, but the vast majority of nurses work in hospitals and long-term care facilities. The work they do every day is just as important. If you’re seeking a position as a traveling nurse reach out to us at Coast Medical Service.

February 3, 2021CareerCharles Stover

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