Why the Demand and Salary for Nurses is Higher than Ever

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: February 24, 2021


A person filling the demand for nurses due to COVID-19

Hospitals need nurses badly, and the average nurse salary is the highest it’s ever been. But is this a trend that will continue? If you have questions about the viability of finding work as a nurse, we at Coast Medical Service are here to help. Here are a few of the biggest reasons the demand for nurses and their salaries are already high and consistently increasing.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The most evident of reasons is that we’re in the middle of a massive public health crisis. Every hospital needs more staff, and there simply aren’t enough nurses to go around. Even with medical staffing agencies filling in the gaps with travel nurses, there is still a severe need for more personnel.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 11 million additional nurses are needed to avoid a further shortage, so it’s safe to say that the demand for nurses will not be decreasing any time soon. The upside of this nursing shortage is that no nurse who wants to work will be unable to find a job.

More People Have Access To Medical Care

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of people have access to medical care that they otherwise wouldn’t have, and most of them intend to use it. It’s excellent that so many more people are insured, and it’s leading to an increased demand for nurses along with doctors and other medical professionals to help care for all of them.

The Population Is Aging

Thanks to advancements in medical science and technology, the average lifespan is higher now than it was in previous decades. Especially with the massive “baby boomer” generation coming into their golden years, a significant percentage of the population is ageing and requiring more regular medical care.

There will always be a demand for nurses who understand geriatric care. While the pandemic will one day end, elderly people will continue to exist and live longer than ever before. The highest nurse salaries in geriartic care go to those with the most experience in the field, so get started soon.

The Workforce Is Aging

Due to the economic downturns of the past 15 years, older nurses are having a harder time retiring than in previous generations. Many nurses are working past “retirement age” to take advantage of the fact that the average nurse salary is the highest it’s ever been.

However, just because some nurses are retiring later doesn’t mean there’s less demand for nurses if you’re a new grad. There are certain jobs that more experienced nurses are overqualified for, and many hospitals see the clear benefit in having a mix of experienced and new nurses to receive a combination of practiced skill and new knowledge and education.

Why The Nurse Salary Is At Its Highest

Hand holding money

Even without factoring in the pandemic, hospitals are always looking to attract talented nurses, and a high salary is part of that. Additionally, hospitals often search for candidates who are experienced in specific areas that they are lacking staff for, such as acute care. This kind of specialized knowledge or experience typically leads to an increase in pay.

Bringing COVID-19 back into it, not only is the demand for nurses astronomical, but there’s also an awareness of the inherent risks of working in healthcare now. To get and retain staff, nurse pay is skyrocketing. And after the pandemic is over, you’ll still have that experience on your resume, so there’s no reason to think your rate would fall.

Nursing has always been a valuable profession. But now the pandemic, rising demand, and highest nurse salaries ever are proving it even more valuable than in previous years. If you have the expertise to help where it’s needed, you can always find a job with a good, steady paycheck as a nurse.

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