Advantages of Travel Nursing for LPNs

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: January 2, 2020

Travel Nursing

travel nursing for lpns


After completing your practical nursing course and taking the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN), you’re ready to take on a number of licensed practical nursing positions. You might not be sure which path you want to take, so consider travel nursing to gain experience and explore your options.

At Coast Medical Service, after garnering one year of experience, we can help LPNs find the job opportunities they want. If you’re considering travel nursing as an LPN, explore the advantages and benefits of moving from facility to facility and even from state to state.

Can An LPN Even Be a Travel Nurse?

The good news is that you don’t have to be an RN to be a travel nurse. You don’t even have to have a full year of experience to apply for opportunities. Even freshly licensed and certified LPNs can find attractive positions throughout popular locations such as California, New York, and Hawaii.

LPN Travel Nursing Requirements

Since every state has different requirements, the first thing you should do is apply for a nursing license in the state (or states) you want to work. Sometimes, waiting for a license can take anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months, so you want to think ahead and plan far in advance.

Since every position has different job responsibilities, carefully read through the description to ensure you’re prepared. While some hospitals have a demanding, fast paced environment, other positions may be a little more accommodating to new nurses.

Travel the Country

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If you plan in advance and obtain all appropriate state certifications, you can travel the entire country as an LPN. Work in whatever speciality or facility suits you best — all while exploring new cities! Add to your resume while broadening your horizons as an LPN in travel nursing.

Control Contract Length

As an LPN in travel nursing, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your contracts. Most jobs are posted with the contract length already determined, so you can browse your options to choose the right time period for you. Some contracts are only a few weeks long, while other hospitals may need your services for a year or more. If you enjoyed working at a particular facility, you can always discuss renewing your contract or turning it into a permanent position.

Expenses and Stipends

Most opportunities for travel nursing include a number of benefits like paid housing and travel expenses. Most likely, the medical facility will help you with rental arrangements for a home and vehicle. You’ll also probably get amazing dental, medical, and retirement plans as well as allowances for any pets and children.

Time to Study

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Because your schedule and contracts are so flexible as an LPN in travel nursing, you can advance your career opportunities by studying to become an RN. While there are plenty of opportunities for LPNs to advance into supervisory positions, as an RN, you’ll see even more come your way.

Nurses Are in High Demand

There always seems to be a nurse shortage in the United States which gives both RNs and LPNs in travel nursing a lot of power. Because of the demand for more nurses, most jobs will offer you higher pay and more flexible scheduling than many permanent positions in your hometown.

Apply to positions nationwide when you find jobs through Coast Medical Service today!

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