Travel Nurse Essentials for a Successful Shift

nurse with mask holding needle

You’re on the road again, jumping from place to place. That’s the life of a travel nurse—and with your travel nursing suitcase in tow, it’s a new role you’re wearing like a badge of honor. The question is, does that suitcase have everything you need to thrive as a travel nurse at your upcoming job…

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How Far Away Do You Have to Live for Travel Nursing?

nurse holding a red heart

As a nurse, you love the idea of helping people in their most vulnerable medical moments. But you’re ready for a change. A big change. And for this reason, you’ve got your eye on some travel nursing opportunities. But, what is the average travel nursing assignment’s distance from home? As an aspiring first-time travel nurse…

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How Long Can a Travel Nurse Stay in One Place

smiling nurse in an orange mask

You enjoy helping to restore patients to health and enhance their overall quality of life as a nurse. At the same time, you wish you had more time to spend immersing yourself in another culture and broadening your cultural horizons. Fortunately, you can experience the best of both worlds as a travel nurse. One of…

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Best Winter Destinations for Travel Nurses

A line of tall palm trees in Santa Monica, California

Want to keep working as a travel nurse but worried about travel delays or general concerns from colder weather? There are a lot of factors that go into determining travel nurse locations, but the season is definitely something to keep in consideration. Luckily, there are places to work as a traveling nurse where the weather…

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How Do Travel Nurses Find Housing?

A neighborhood with brightly colored homes

So you’re thinking about being a travel nurse, or maybe you’ve already booked a contract to be one…and now you’re realizing that you don’t know where you’re going to live during your assignment as a nurse. You might not be aware that it’s possible to find travel nurse agency housing. Here’s our list of the…

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NATHO Welcomes Kenny Kadar, CEO and President of Coast Medical Service, to Board of Directors Role

The National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations Appoints New Directors Ryan Anholt, President of NATHO (National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations), has recently announced its 2022 appointments to its Board of Directors. This year, there were open positions for directors, and after a comprehensive vetting and voting process, the current board decided who would be…

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Trends in Nursing 2020-2022

A masked nurse adjusting the cap over her hair

How has nursing changed? What is the current state of nursing? Where is the future of nursing heading? These are all important questions, so you’ll want to get them answered by a trusted source. At Coast Medical Service, we provide quality healthcare employment across the country, so we know the state of the healthcare industry…

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Covid-19 Delta Variant Cases Increasing

Photo of a healthcare professional wearing a face mask.

Understanding the Trajectory of the Delta Variant Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, nursing professionals have been called upon to put their education and training into direct action. While the initial infection wave is waning, the new delta variant is sweeping the nation and the world. The Delta variant (officially known…

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How Long is a Travel Nurse Contract?

Photo of a nurse in scrubs standing in front of a hospital

How Do Travel Nurse Contracts Work? Travel nurses (also referred to as travel RNs) are employed by a nurse staffing agency and work in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, urgent care clinics, and private practices. The staffing agency and healthcare recruiter works with each travel nurse to find the best travel RN contract for…

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