The Top Ten Reasons to Become a Nurse

We all know that nursing is a necessary job, but some people can be scared off because of the hard work and advanced education requirements. We at Coast Medical Service think it’s one of the best career choices you can make. So if you’re wondering “Why should I become a nurse?” we’ve got ten reasons why it’s great.

1. Make A Difference Every Day

Among the top reasons to become a nurse, this is the most poignant. There aren’t many jobs where you literally clock in and start saving lives. Between your patients and their friends and family, you make hundreds of lives better every single day through your work.

2. Solid Salary

Even before COVID-19 hit, nurses earned a competitive rate, especially if they went into a lucrative specialty. And now, with the pandemic, nursing pay is skyrocketing due to increased demand on a limited workforce. If you want a job where you can earn good money, this is it.

3. Flexible Hours

Another great reason to become a nurse is that it’s easy to schedule work around your life instead of vice versa. You can work part-time or full time and practically choose your hours, so you never have to worry about missing important events or the work-life balance again.

Three nurses making a heart with their hands

4. Consistent Job Opportunities

There is a national shortage of nurses. That can be great for you because it means a skilled, caring nurse will never go without a job. Whether you want to make a lateral move, try a different kind of locale, or advance in your career, there are openings everywhere.

5. Be Well Respected

If you want a job where you’ll be treated well, then you’ve found another one of the reasons to become a nurse. This is one of the most well-respected traditional occupations, since most people understand and appreciate how demanding the job can be. Nurses are also seen as among the most ethical of all professions.

6. Easy To Make Changes

“Why should I become a nurse?” is a broad question. There are so many specialties, and opportunities to switch between them. And there are tons of nursing locales with hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and more. You can always change things up as a nurse.

7. It’s Exciting Work

Nursing is way more of an adventure than the standard desk job. No two days are the same, and you’ll constantly be confronted with new challenges and ways to grow. You get to move around, physically do things, and the choices you make matter.

8. Excellent Benefits

Don’t let the advanced degree requirements stop you. One of the biggest reasons to become a nurse is that student loan forgiveness is a common component of your benefits when you get a job in the field, in addition to stellar healthcare and retirement benefits, among others.

Man taking an online course, one of the reasons he became a nurse

9. Opportunities To Keep Learning

Continued education is not just possible as a nurse, it’s encouraged! Whether it’s online courses to get the certifications for a new specialty or in-person seminars to stay up to date on modern medicine, hospitals love having nurses who keep improving.

10. Job Satisfaction

Possibly the best reason to become a nurse: an overwhelming number of them are satisfied with the career choice they made and would recommend it to others. You don’t have to have a job you hate. If you’re a nurse, you can love it.

Choosing your job is a huge decision, so it’s reasonable to ask “why should I become a nurse?” But we hope that this list gives you some clarity into exactly what makes it such a fantastic career.

March 16, 2021CareerCharles Stover

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